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  1. Continuous departure/arrival trainning mode programmed by user: Every one minute, or two or five, etc.
  2. Switch to training mode: Arrivals/Departures every one minute, or two or five, etc. Selected by the user. Creating a predictive flow, adapted to user experience. Thanks in advance! Javier SPAIN
  3. CTRL+right click mouse button on ADIRS to insert static cameras at conflictive points considered by user. Thanks in advance!
  4. ... and some aircrafts spins 360 degrees at departures. Why these bugs are not corrected at this time?. No response. Meanwhile new airports comes up like a flowing river.
  5. xendra

    Tracon Update

    To see all traffic to increase realism at next level and avoid collisions. Javier SPAIN
  6. Releasing new dlc´s but not fixing the core bugs, isn´t the right way. Spinning airplanes, take-off hopes, freezing landings, GPU collapses due to wrong or inexistent programmed taxi-ways runnings, not makes me to want to buy more dlc´s. Thanks in advance! Barcelona (The more abandoned and not finished dlc of the history) SPAIN
  7. The sim needs to be released controller´s position on single player option like multiplayer, to avoid unrealistic unhandled overflow. The current design only can be handled on nigth timetable (100% departures&arrivals). All airports have got ground&tower controllers, when things goes seriously. Feelthere must increase AI on next update, to inclose the posibility to select ground or tower control. Thanks in advance! Javier SPAIN
  8. It would be so nice on next release, to inclose the posibility to select static cameras view, like in chinese supermarkets. They can be localized on troubled points, like runway heads. More powerful to put on the cameras, right-clicking on ADIRS location. Thanks in advance!
  9. The control over the sim, isn´t the same. Fast-forward not maintain the time, and time reaction is short for beginners, diminishing realism.
  10. It would be so nice, if the sim would have a button to launch a new flight when wanted. But without hope on time, maintaining the logical arrivals cadence. If the button isn´t pushed, no flights must to appears on radars. Thanks in advance!
  11. Every time that I run the sim, is in admin mode. Graphic card drivers are updated. I don´t know if all users, they noticed something like this.
  12. I´m spanish and have no problem with "Vueling" or witchever airline.
  13. Hello: When setting weather to forecast, speech recognition decreases my voice identify to 20% aproximately. Stormy decreases to 50% the speech recognition performance. Clear weather works OK. Thanks in advance! Javier Barcelona SPAIN
  14. An authentic black hole, the ´taxiway calculating error´. It´s comprehensive that it´s hard and tedious, to programing all taxiway combinations. But the sim simply must do to ignore certain paths. Enough to avoid the freezing. This ´calculation error´ collapses perhaps, the N.A.S.A. War Operative Plan Response (W.O.P.R.) supercomputer. Particularly LEBL is an incomplete airport made: roads with no traffic, roads with traffic inside the airport, superposed textures … The graphic quality of this airport isn´t the same, like the integrated ones (TIST, KPHL and LAX). I think LEBL needs an urgent v2.0 Thanks in advance! Javier Barcelona (SPAIN)
  15. Hello: Setting runway 02 only for arrivals&departures, 20% of departure flights not moves from terminals, after push-back approved. And graphic card performance slow down to 50%, freezing main view but not radars views. Al runways 25R, 25L, 07R, 07L and 20 works correctly. Thanks in advance! Javier Barcelona (SPAIN)
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