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  1. OK. I have not Real Traffic. Can I Do to push up the timetable from another way, please?. Thanks!
  2. In EXTENSIONS-->KSAN there´s not any .txt to overwrite. Tower!3DPro stops at 63% loading. In Tower!3DPro folder no .txt files exists. Thanks!
  3. xendra

    Ancient bugs on SP3

    The modern blocks (.dll) programming has good flexibility, but wastes tons of CPU cicles and Gb of RAM. This involves that Tower 3d PRO airports needs a monster GPU? Why the legendary Flight Simulator X, needs a light GPU to move tons and tons of his dinamyc sceneries? Thanks
  4. xendra

    Ancient bugs on SP3

    Do You experience the same problem, or only a few users?. Youtube vídeos posted by some customers, suffers the freezes.
  5. xendra

    Ancient bugs on SP3

    Sorry. It's at eight hundred feet. At departures are a displacement to rear of the flights and later they jumps. Very, very strange. I don't understand why those bugs, that disfigure the 3D vision isn't solved. Is output_log.txt that I must to send? Thanks
  6. xendra

    Ancient bugs on SP3

    From 2017 on March all flights freezes touching on the runway, over two seconds. Freezes the same time on departures, at eight thousand feet. Also jumps so strangely at few seconds later. Thanks in advance! Javier SPAIN
  7. xendra

    Controller's position

    Well that's OK. Feelthere need to apply more AI on next release. Time will tell. Thanks in advance!
  8. xendra

    Controller's position

    Isn't realistic manage the airports (PHL&LAX) at peak timetable on two positions (ground&tower). Please insert the same option on single player also. Thanks Javier SPAIN
  9. Switching static cameras (cam1, cam2, etc) on troubled airport points, or desired points by the user, available on next versión. Dynamic camera is great but not realistic from controller perspective. Sometimes the camera movements for hours controlling, can be dizzy. Thanks in advance! Javier Spain
  10. xendra

    Help with ATC

    I can drive 80% minimum traffic at LAX, on TOWER!2011 with spoken commands, with no collisions if "HOLD POSITION" (LIFO rule) is respected on arrival/departure terminals.
  11. xendra

    Help with ATC

    TOWER!2011 LAX airport spoken commands: Departures runway 06R --> From North: "XXX TAXI TO RUNWAY 6R VIA ECHO (E) ECHO ONE SIX (E16)". From South: "XXX TAXI TO RUNWAY 6R". Arrivals runway 07L --> "XXX TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA CHARLIE FIVE (C5)". Slow flight arrivals (185knots) -->"XXX CHANGE RUNWAY 7R CLEARED TO LAND" Slow flights on ground to terminal --> "XXX TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA HOTEL (H) CHARLIE FOUR (C4) CHARLIE (C)" Last in first out (LIFO) rule, must be applied on arrival/departure terminals --> "XXX HOLD POSITION" XXX=Aircraft identifier TOWER3DPRO not tested. Please report
  12. xendra

    Tower3D Pro

    All air traffic sims that I know has not "save session". Cannot understand why. Thanks in advace. Javier Spain
  13. Yes. It is in command list.
  14. Hello: What´s the Contact Ground (CTRL-B) and Contact Tower (ALT-B) commands purpose?. All time pilots says "Say again". Thanks in advance!
  15. xendra

    christmas list done

    Independent ground control and tower control to drive realistically peaks timetables.

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