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List of non-compatible mouse-macro add-ons


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Hello everyone,

I am creating this thread in order to altert the FSUIPC Community about any potential add-ons for FS2002/4/X that don't work with the mouse macro function. This is because it can be very annoying having purchased an add-on, only to find FSUIPC's macros won't function with it how you want it to.

If you start your simulator, then open the FSUIPC interface, click the buttons and switches tab, and then click mouse macro, you will be prompted to save a filename before making the macro by clicking on the relavent cockpit function. A green box in the top left should pop-up. However, if it doesn't pop up, the add-on is probably not FSUIPC macro compatible.

If this is the case, PLEASE reply to this thread so that we can create an active up-to-date list of all non-macro compatible add-ons. I will constantly update the below list:



- 757 Captain (Captain Sim): For FS2004/FSX

- Default Airbus A320 Aircraft (Microsoft): For FSX

- QualityWings 757 (QualityWings): For FS2004/FSX

- SimmerSky Airbus add-ons (SimmerSky): For FS2004/FSX Port


Many thanks,

Jack :D

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Of course you have the best thoughts to make such a list sticky and name Addons which are not compatible with FSUIPC Macros...

But it has also the taste of a kind of "banning list" (don't know a good english expression)

For example, the A2A Accusim products don't work with macros.

Many functions of the PMDG J41 don't work with Macros, because the J41 don't have much 2D panels.

But these are excellent products!

I find it better to try to investigate in LUA variables and find out, how addons will work with FSUIPCs help, instead of marking them as simply "non-working"

But thats just my opinion...

some examples:

A2A B17 with AccuSim: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=79902

A2A P47 with AccuSim: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=78343

PMDG J41: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=78339

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I think you failed to notice the point of the thread, this is for non-compatible aircraft and NOT for ones that do work with macros. Adding both to the thread will only cause total confusion and someone may end up wasting money as you put it because they thought they read a particular aircraft in here was compatible. Please feel free to delete this post and any other superfluous posts to keep the thread easy to read.

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No Andy i did not fail to notice the point of the thread, I was in fact replying to Guenseli who holds the view that it sounds like a "banning" list as he put it.

I will start a separate thread concerning compatible Addons if that is ok with you.

If you have actually become the moderator around here feel free to delete any contributions I may make.

LOL! no, there's only me.

I've made your new post sticky. If you'd like to edit your original (I *think* you can do that, as its originator -- if not let me know) to refer to the other sticky for "add-ons that do work ..." then I'll remove the argument and everyone will be happy .. I hope! ;-)



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