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Pete Dowson is the man!

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I just want to express my admiration for Pete and his fine FSUIPC program. Because of Pete, I am able to enjoy several benefits that wouldn't be possible without him - not least of which are VATSIM realtime ATC networked, along with being able to calibrate my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick and Throttle directly within FSUIPC and assign those devices to functions within FSX whilst being able to disable all my control surfaces WITHIN FSX. IMHO, FSUIPC provides much better interface, more accurate calibration, and none of the unexpected problems I ran into whilst trying to run those surfaces solely from within FSX/Windows. Did I mention LINDA as well? Combine LINDA with FSUIPC and a whole new world of button programming opens up for flight simmers. THANK YOU, Mr. Dowson!

Robert McDonald


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I hesitate to add to this topic as I believe Pete is wary of over-zealous boosterism. I come from a different angle. I am very new to this. I have found my hobby. I don't even want to think of VATSIM (with greatest respect for rob), VOR, ILS, etc; at this stage. FSUIPC was my first software purchase after FSX. It has allowed me to optimize my controllers in a way that permits me to to spend my time learning to fly the aircraft as opposed to remembering which key combination turns on the coffee pot. It is conceivable that I would have found FSX to be more like a Rube Goldberg machine than a simulator, without FSUIPC. In time, I will move on to the finer points of this obsession, with further help of this utility; at which time I am sure to express my thanks for FSUIPC 9.458f :) Until then, I'd like to thank Pete for getting me started.

Graham Derreck

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Happy for this post, I quote everthing said here !!!!

FSUIPC and WideFS are allowing me to give my FSX a complete new and great dimension to reach an incredible level of fun and challenge always discovering new possibilities and capabilities.

And, at the end, yes.. Peter is the man !!! Always available to support and find solutions. I still remember when I asked him to have specific offsets for a thing I had in mind.. less than two days and voila' the offsets were ready.

To not mention all the updates and improvements that we have almost weekly.

So.. a big, big thanks


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I'd concur- his work has permitted the masses to enjoy FS as it was suppose to be enjoyed. He is dedicated, polite and keeps his shoulder to the grindstone at an age most want to meander through green pastures. It is that very dedication that allows us to achieve the willing suspension of disbelief that most strive after in our simulator experiences. It is his behind the scenes hardware/software interaction that allows us, albeit briefly, to dim the lights just so, and hit our ETOPS/EROPS points just so- while sipping on coffee at a supposed FL390. BRAVO ZULU PETER!


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I would find it hard to add to the praise you deserve. My only question would be "When Do you sleep" my casual estimate would be that you answered thousands if not tens of thousands emails and are always polite, and patient will all questions. Now if you could run a seminar for companies like Microsoft, Saitek, .............. And more, regarding customer support think of what could be accomplished.

Any how thanks much from a major fan who feels that you software enabled him to pursue his retirement hobby

Ron from Texas

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