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Problem setting collective axis


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I'm writing a programm which is aimed at controlling helicopters in FSX. I use SDK files (C++) to read and write offsets and everything is fine except for the collective axis.

I tried both offsets 088C and 089A (and their equivalent for engines 2, 3 and 4) and I get a strange behaviour : writing at 088C doesn't seem to work at all but writing at 089A work only for the bell (FSX Acceleration) but not for the Robinson or the Agusta.


If somebody has any idea, I'm lost here...



For helos like Robinson or Agusta, writing to 088C does not have an effect although this is still representative of the collective axis (verified through FSUIPC logging capacity with an USB throttle). Actually, the value doesn't follow the external writing for those models, but it does for Bell model.


In facts, my problem is the one described in the first post in this page :
The value at offset 08CC is stuck at 8192 (50%) no matter what I try to write.


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If somebody has any idea, I'm lost here...


Sorry, I know next to nothing about the Helos, though I did think one of those models at least (the Robinson?) was implemented more like a normal prop than a helo and that one always was a problem. Maybe asking in the aircraft design forum on AVSIM might elicit some help.


If you know how to operate the collective properly via a normal joystick axis assignment, then enable FSUIPC's axis event logging and see what controls are being used. Then implement your software to either use the same (eg via FSUIPC offset 3110), or the appropriate Engine-related offset which generates those controls.




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