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I have a small number of aiports in the airport txt file, yet tower cant' seem to see them

Unknow airport: ARN(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: CPH(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: OSL(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: SVG(IATA)   ICAO not found!

Anyone know what needs to be done to activate them?





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Missing airports can be added manually into airport.txt using a text editor. But you need to pay attention to the format of your changes.

see also this link: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80381-tower-2011-having-issues-reading-icao-codes-from-airport-txt/

or this one: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79749-unknow-airport-xxxiata-icao-not-found-entries-logged-in-gamelog/



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Hi Gareth,


Sometimes this is not always a problem in the airports.txt file.

It can be that an Airlines' IATA/ICAO are mismatched with what is either in the airlines.txt or schedule.txt file

The only way to really find it, .. is to check in the tower.log file.

See which airline/flight no. is giving the problem, .. and check for it in the schedule.txt file

See what the IATA and ICAO codes are for that Airline/Flight no., .. and reference them in the Airlines.txt file.

Either change it in the airlines.txt file or schedule.txt file.

I've attached my schedule and airlines txt files for you to try, .. if you can't figure out which Airlines are causing the problem.






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