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Need some insight from the community.  I've clipped in the line in the 'airplanes' file that lists the availability of a Gulfstream in the game, and a 2nd clip of a gulfstream flight out of LAX.    I've tried to assign GA to every single terminal and GA terminal at LAX and the flight never comes up.   Any ideas?  Is LAX just built without GA traffic (similar to how there is no cargo parking to the left of 25L ?  



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9 hours ago, Kl408 said:

I believe the 0,0,0 means no touch and go,  no stop and go and the last 0 I don't remember but changing one of the zeros to a 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever you like up to 9 I believe might get them to show up...



Willem & AC,

Thanks for the replies.  Let me change it around and see what I can figure out.  I'll report back on my findings.


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The last 0 is low approach.

If you want to do a stop_n_go, touch_n_go, or low approach the from and to airports should be the same. Then one of the zeroes needs to be changed to a number.

You can have all three be zeroes and the GA flight should show up, but you either need to change the airport_from or airport_to. As is, the sim doesn't know whether it is an arrival or departure.

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