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Liveries now showing up Real Color Boston


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I wasn't able to upload my output_log file due to the file size restriction so I am not able to provide one as of now. On to my issue I bought KBOS today from steam and updated my game, then I got real color from feelthere.com. Updated the game to 3.1 amusing steam has already done that and Boston was then added to my airports. I then installed Real Color for Boston having to change the directory to my D drive .......... D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks 

After installing I started the game yet I had issues with the liveries not showing up still getting the default airliners. After troubleshooting a bit I realized that I had to update Real Traffic which I got from FSPilotShop. I wasn't able to get Version 4 update for real traffic. Currently I have RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp5v2.exe I do not have V1 of SP5 b/c it wasn't available to me nor do I have or installed SP4 for the same reason. So basically I skipped a version Assuming that all past SP's are needed in order for RT to work properly. So a few questions and concerns. 

1. Sorry for not being able to provide the log file. I did ran the windows BATCH file but the file size is to large to upload. 

2. For real traffic do I have to download / install ALL SP's in order to get RT to work or is SP5v2 the latest with all the other versions needed included in that single exe?? 

3. Should RT and RC work for Boston? 

4. Would the current version of the game 3.1 be the issue here? 

5. Should I wait until 3.1 is fixed or reinstall everything? Starting with the base game / airports, then Real Traffic SP5v2 then Real Color for all the airports? 

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RT Sp5 would be the current, you won't need the previous versions.

You will need RC for Boston, if you have RC for other airports then some aircraft may already be coloured but there is a dedicated RC for each airport.

I don't yet have 3.1 so can't help with that bit but point five once the updated 3.1 is released, is what I would do as well.



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On 20/1/2018 at 6:15 PM, TheCHcuky said:

Not sure if anyone got RT from FSPilotShop but when I re-download it, the version is still on SP5. Anyone have RT from FSPilotShop? If so are you downloads getting updated from the site? 

Hello! Yes, you need to contact the reseller in order to get it updated. 

Have a great day, 


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