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Grüß Gott!

I just played my first session, and unfortunately I came across wayfinding issues with landing on 26L. All went fine at first, when my active runway for landings was 26R, but the way from touchdown to the exits, I feared, was too long to get all planes down, so I diverted incoming traffic away from the airport to work off the backlog on 26L takeoffs, then redirected inbound traffic to 26L. It went well at first, but then the planes sitting in the exits didn't find their ways to the gates.

The reason, according to the log, is an "ArgumentOutOfRangeException". @VenturaGuy101 and I had the same problem at PHX a while ago - for reference:

@nyergesdesign Well, have fun with the log... ;-)


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I just ran a short session and had no issues with 26L arrivals and issuing TAXI TO RAMP VIA B7 S S8 D3.  Possibly a gate (or gates) specific issue or maybe even a bad install?

I noticed that you continuously got the following error message. I don't have this error in my log file at all and it looks like we both are running the non-Steam version. Is anyone else seeing this error?  

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at Car.Start () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
(Filename:  Line: -1)

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Non Steam and the same error right below the message that 196 unused assets were unloaded to reduce memory usage..

Don't know if those two events are related but.......

The error comes back once after every (failed due to no available terminal) attempt to allocate a gate to an incoming plane

Doesn't harm the gameplay in any way as far as I can tell though.




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I repeatedly get those ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptions. From 26R, too.

Could it be this error occurs when there are too many planes to handle? This time, my session score was +1200, and there were about 10 aircraft waiting before the holding point of 26R for takeoff, while I was manually changing runways for half of the incoming flights (after  diverting them a while ago to get a batch of departures out)?


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  • 2 months later...

Hey, Gabor, did you find the source of the problem?

If it helps, I ran another long session (2.5+ hours) tonight, with my own EDDM schedule. The problem only seemed to occur at the O3 gates on Terminal2_LH. As you can see in the log, the game first filled up the gates at O2. Then when it started filling up the O3 gates, it first did (I'm not sure, but the terminal-side gates seem to work), but as it was time for the opposite side (the apron positions) that's when the problem started with the ArgumentOutOfRange exceptions.

Some time earlier I noticed issues with the pushback at O3 apron gates, too, but I forgot to save the log. If it comes up again, I'll remember. Might be related, might be not.


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I think I narrowed it down further.

This time it happened earlier, already after about 50 minutes with slooooooow movements. So it's not a load issue.

Looks like it's related to the other issue I recently reported with the missing tugs. (There's also a lot of "no free terminal" messages in the log which explains why operations were so slow - too many DLH/CLT aircraft sitting on the gates while others tried to come in; this happens due to my schedule, but - just to clarify - I already had the problem with the original schedule.)

It's DLH1811 incoming that was assigned to a gate with a missing tug where an aircraft is already sitting (and never left it, never requested push). This was gate 326 (in-game: position T2_55). There's a NullReferenceException with the ArgumentOutOfRangeException going stellar right after the DLH1811 declares trying to go to the blocked and tug-less gate (timecode 14:48:08, line 30038).

The only problem is: Knowing how it happens doesn't explain why ... but I hope I could help, anyway.




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