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Question on TRACON 2012


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For those of you that have both TRACON and Tower 3D Pro:  does TRACON have little bugs or nuisance items like we deal with in T3DP?  Meaning things like planes taking the wrong exit off the runway, slowly taxing off the runway, weird pushback issues, etc.  If TRACON has lots of little things like that then I may pass on it, but it it's pretty squared away then I'll probably pick it up.  Thanks!

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If i am correct there is a difference between tracon 2012 and the steam edition of tracon 2012. They have fixed some minor bugs and issues on the steam version. Therefore the steam version is the one I would recommend.

The steam version is not totally identical with the normal version if I remember it right. Please correct me when I am wrong!

And i just recently got the advice not to buy tracon 2012 because it is not a good game and not realistic.

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Well, there are little nuisances. Yesterday, I had an LAX session with Hawthorne and Santa Monica open, but departing aircraft from either airport would just remain sitting at the end of the runway rather than flying - despite gaining height on the spot, which I also experienced with an SAS flight in my self-created EDDH sector.
And I don't know why, but when I exit from a sector to select a different time or change the sector after a few minutes, speech recognition doesn't work anymore, and I have to restart the whole game.

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