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KLGA La Guardia Airport only loads upto 63%


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I'm enjoying this super fun game a lot and just bought the airports I was still missing, but from all airports I already have for more than a year now, KLGA La Guardia Airport is the only one only loading up to 63% and then the game freezes. Only closing the game and restarting it, will let me choose and play another airport. But I never seem to get KLGA to run. I always have both the basic version and the real color add-on.

I checked the forum for previous entries, but only one comes close and talks of hanging at 63% and 72%, but that was for all the game and it was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the entire game.

I already uninstalled both the entire game and the individual KLGA modules several times, but that did not help. I even downloaded the file from the 3 different servers and tried it after uninstalling and installing from each of different files from each of the different servers, but no luck there. I did not get any error messages during uninstalling and installing them.

I can provide 2 logfiles, but both exceed the maximum upload here :

  • output_log.txt from D:\Games\Tower3D Pro\tower3d_Data = 290 kb
  • output_log.txt from D:\Games\Tower3D Pro\mmwindow\mmwindow_Data = 57 kb

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.


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Hello All, re-installing helped solve the issue so far. I have re-installed the basic game and all the airports I have, but I have not yet re-installed all the "real color" modules. If I do not come back to this subject later this week, you can be sure it all works fine. Many thanks for all your help.

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