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Micrphone Push to Talk Problem


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New computer, new problem.

I am throwing this in looking for any quick fixes at this stage. 

When I press the PTT (left shift) it mostly gives the usual sounds of the "plick and "plop" when the key is released. Speech recognition works most of the time (more training needed there).Intermittently when the PTT is pressed the sound is different,(hard to explain). The speech is recognised,  and when released, there is no "plop" sound and the command is not recognised. I need to hit the "send" button for the speech to be sent and recognised. It is if the PTT release is not being recognised. It is intermittent and so far unpredictable. Yes I have tried the old keyboard that worked fine on the old computer. Same result. No real t/shooting has been done so far. 

Just looking to see if anyone has seen this before.

Kev M

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@ Eligrim Thanks, It was turned on by default. On the old machine it used to come up and annoy me something chronic. This one does not give the sticky keys warning on the screen. I will try it and get back if any more problems.

I checked the notification s part for sticky keys and it  was turned off. The reason why I did not see the sticky keys message

Why didn't I think of that??????

Kev M

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