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Hello all,

Pay day recently so as a new comer to Tower 3D Pro I splashed out on EGKK and Real Colour using the 2019 Custom Schedule as I prefer real timetables. And being an airport I'm familiar with I thought it would be a good way to try and learn some more commands without it being mental but at the same time not very quiet.

One thing I am struggling with is to get aircraft to join Runway 26L at different taxiway's. Similar to what I have seen at runway 08R when it's busy smaller aircraft that don't need the entire runway to take off joins in further down the runway. On the 26L end, all I can get is aircraft joining 26L at Taxiway 'M' by default. I tried to get an EasyJet A320 to join 26L via Taxiway P Z A, as joining 26L from Alpha is more than enough runway and is just up one from 'M', but it didn't like it and route's itself to 26L via 'M'. I tried another one this time telling it Runway 26L via Taxiway P BR hoping it would go to the holding point at BR but it stopped, decided it didn't like it, and went to the default taxiway via 'M'

Can you do what I am trying to do or does the sim only allow planes to taxi right to the end of the runway threshold?


Any help appreciated!



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Ah thank you very much! I only did 'Pushback Approved Expect Runway 26L' then 'Continue Taxi' then tried to alter it but didn't seem to work, I think I did the command wrong (like Taxi via xxx At Taxi x or something like that) just tried the suggestions and works perfect, much easier traffic flow

Thank you very much for the assistance



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