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E-Jets V3 SP2???

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The other day I downloaded and installed the E-Jets V3 for P3D V4.5.  Here are some of the issues I had:  

1.  I was not able to use the configuration tool to program a joystick button by double-clicking the function (engage TOGA in this case) and then pressing the desired button (NOT while running P3D).  I did do this using Options/Controls inside P3D.  Actually, this has never worked as I supposed it should in any of the FeelThere products I have owned.  

2.  The non-functional wiper control knobs are another minor annoyance, and once airborne (or sometime later in a flight) they turn to OFF.  

3.  As mentioned by others in this forum, the autobrake button does not work.  The workaround provided (using ^ + ALT + . or , ) to cycle the autobrakes is pretty lame, but with the annunciator on the EICAS at least you can control the settings.  

4.  I was unable to install repaints, although I have never had this problem with your V1 and V2 products.  I downloaded a few from AVSIM, including one thoughtfully provided by FeelThere, but was unable to get the new liveries to show up in the Vehicle Select GUI.  All of the repaints were specifically labelled as being for the E175 V3.  

5.  During long, slow VNAV descents (with the manual throttle closed) the aircraft did not want to slow below 230 KIAS.  Extending the speedbrakes just caused the engines to spool up, so I disconnected the autothrottle and took full control of the aircraft's speed and power settings--but it shouldn't work this way, and it doesn't with the V2 E-Jets.  

6.  The use of the ^ + scroll button to increase the rate of change on certain controls is certainly a nice touch.  However, the heading and speed knobs are very difficult to use--especially the 3-function speed knob.   The user interface for these controls in V2 was, in my view, much less prone to inadvertent inputs, especially when flying through turbulence.  

7.  I tried to update the default navigation data with the current AIRAC cycle, but was unable to get cycle 2007 to show up as loaded in the FMC.  This was after I made sure the scenario date was current.  I even un-installed the V2 E-Jets just to remove any conflicts--no joy.  

8.  On takeoff I spool the engines to 40%, engage TOGA, and roll the manual throttles to full forward.  Everything (PFD annunciators, N2, etc. ) looks good until rotation.  After liftoff the power surges up and down every few seconds, making a normal climb impossible.  This happens when I use the FMS or MAN setting on the speed control.  I was able to "fix" this problem by engaging VNAV immediately after liftoff (before gaining enough altitude to engage the autopilot), but I could get much better control of my speed and climb rate by leaving the autothrottle off and using either VS or FLC modes to control the climb while manually controlling the throttle if needed.  It shouldn't work this way, and it doesn't with the V2 E-Jets.  

Issues 1-6 are annoying, but 7 and 8 are deal breakers for me.  I have over 1050 VATSIM hours in FeelThere's ERJs for FSX and P3D, and a bit over 750 hours in your E-Jets V2 (FSX and P3D), so I thought the transition to a more modern virtual cockpit would be easy.  However, until some of the issues mentioned above get addressed in a hot-fix or new version, I'll be flying the very nice V2 E-jets, which I enjoy very much.  

Chuck Adams


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I would add:

-  A Lite version, as the current model is very heavy. The passenger cabin is useless and lowers the frames a lot. The PMDG's 747-8, for example, uses fewer frames than the E170v3.
- Fix the knobs. In the manual, page 4 is written:

"The autopilot knobs are adjusted in the following ways:
• with the pointer over the knob the mouse wheel can be used to increase / decrease
the set value
• left of knob center left-mouse-click will increase value by one
• left of knob center right-mouse-click will increase value by ten
• right of center left click will decrease value by one
• right of center right click will decrease value by ten
• many knobs will react to a center mouse button click by synchronizing a setting to the
aircraft's current orientation, toggling displays, or engaging an function. "

Here with SP1 installed, these functions are not working.

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