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Traffic Density issue


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Hello, I added real color and traffic to jfk and when i went to go play it seemed as if traffic density was at 100 even though it shows changed. I have played at different levels of density and I know what a low density is like. Is there any way to fix this?

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Going back to your original post and question - is there any way to fix this? If we assume this is a bug, then the answer is no and accept things as they are. The developer stopped releasing fixes over 3 years ago.

However, if we want to continue diving into this and try to understand what the density slider might actually be doing then we can keep going. I would suggest running two sessions with the same start time and for similar lengths, one at 100% and the other around 50-60%. After each session save the output_log.txt file from the tower3d_Data folder and post both files here. We can then compare the activity in the two sessions. My hunch is that there are multiple issues at play here, the first one being that 100% density is never really 100%. But we can get into that later.

Note: The aforementioned log file is rewritten during each session. So, it is important to save (or post) it before starting a new session.

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