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Events log issue


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6 hours ago, Doon1 said:

When I opened the Events log console it displayed 2 constantly occurring events. I've unplugged all of my peripherals in hopes to isolate the issue. This is with the Cessna 172. 

Any ideas?

All (or most) aircraft in MSFS continually emit certain events, which are different for different aircraft. The more complex the aircraft, the more of these type of events they seem to emit.
These events are just noise - you can ignore them by using the DontLogThese ini parameter. This can go in your [General] section, or, better, in your [Profile.xxx] sections, where you can specify the events to ignore for just the aircraft in that profile.


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Hi John,

Thanks for your response. I am perplexed though. I've tried every other aircraft and the steam gauge 172 is the only one to exhibit this concern. These two events run like a high speed ticker tape. From the moment I click "FLY", until I exit the program or select another aircraft in the World Map. It doesn't matter where I go in the program; be it the Marketplace, Profile, wherever. 

I'm assuming the number on the left is a running total of logged events. if so, it's reached over 1.5 million events in the time it's taken me to write this post. I've also noted that if I am logging the issue with the FSUIPC console that the computer will stop responding once the event number reaches about 4.5 million. This can't be right. That's got to be a lot of CPU usage for nothing.

I'm going to try reinstalling the aircraft to see if that helps.

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5 hours ago, Doon1 said:

I'm assuming the number on the left is a running total of logged events

No, its a timestamp (milliseconds since started).

Just use the DontLogThese ini parameter, as suggested. I haven't noticed that in the logs, but maybe I have them ignored already. I'll check tomorrow,

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Hi John, pete and doon1

I was just asking myself the same question as doon1.
after unplugging all my USB devices I noticed the same thing, so it's noise as John rightly says. there are planes without noise ... and others with ... Events are not always the same function of planes.
I will therefore use the function proposed by john.
little question for him: can we launch an event on the action of a Button through an OFFSET? as with WIDECLIENT / IOCARD / SIOC language on another pc without having to use the virtual joystick (3340) and declaration in button & switch assignments?

Thank for your job and this forum.

Gilles near Bordeaux  hips!


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46 minutes ago, VANANTWERPEN said:

sorry, in my question to John, instead of reading Events, read Controls.
the events are the consequence of the controls ...

Really Controls are Events -- the names of the regular controls in the SDK are "KEY_EVENT_ ....". Internally there are additional types like L:Vars and other "letter:Vars", and these can be used as controls, events, or merely data retainers (eg to remember the state of a switch).

Controls are generally speaking the messages sent between parts of the Sim to make things happen. If they were all being sent via windows messages, as most of them used to be in FS9 and before, then we could possibly log them (and in fact before SimConnect that's how it was done) -- but distinguishing between those you are interested in and those you are not would still be the problem.  But now they are all either sent direct to SimConnect, or direct between components. 

You can of course effectively log the controls you instigate via buttons, axis movements or key presses, if they are assigned via FSUIPC, otherwise all FSUIPC can detect is the resulting event(s) if any, courtesy of facilities to be so notified in SimConnect.



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