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  1. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #4 -- KLGA !!! FREE to the Community!

    You can have EJA flights depart from the GA terminal (instead of moving them to Terminal A) by adding the flights to the GA file. See below for examples. KLGA, KSNA, 12:20, CJ5, EJA725, 0, 0, 0,EJA725, EXECJET SEVEN TWO FIVE KRIC, KLGA, 20:52, EP3, EJA407, 0, 0, 0,EJA407, EXECJET FOUR ZERO SEVEN What exactly did the developers alter?
  2. Tower!3D Pro - KLAS Terminal_E Issues

    Just to be sure, I have confirmed that no Terminal_E gates will accept arriving aircraft. I created a simple schedule that included 14 VRD flights and none of them ever arrived. Again I believe this is tied to the direction parameter I mentioned in the KJFK thread - http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84614-tower3d-pro-kjfk-terminal_4-arrival-issues/. I've attached my log file in case it is needed. Craig output_log.txt
  3. Tower!3D Pro - KLAS Terminal_E Issues

    It should. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84471-list-of-issues-klas-post-sp2-feelthere/
  4. Nyerges KPHX Just Released (Updated)

    Yes, on the BMT site we are still only seeing sp6v2. Looks like sp6v3 has yet to make it there.
  5. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #4 -- KLGA !!! FREE to the Community!

    Hey Joe, I noticed in your terminal file you have the following entry: Terminal_GA: GA,EJA. Unfortunately this doesn't work. You can't combine GA and airlines in a terminal entry, it actually keeps the GA flights from appearing. You'll see error messages like "Airplane dropped, no international terminal: N12345". I ran across this issue when creating a contest schedule for Tower_MP Discord server community. In Real Traffic, it looks like Gabor moved the EJA flights to the gaandlocaltraffic file instead of the schedule file to alleviate this issue. Craig
  6. I am finding a similar issue at KJFK that I found at KLAS - http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84609-tower3d-pro-klas-terminal_e-issues/ After digging into some XML I suspected KJFK Terminal_4 would have a similar issue where arriving airplanes aren't using some of the gates. What I found is that 8 gates in Terminal_4 would not accept arrivals thus causing no free terminal issues. The gates are T4_40, T4_41, T4_43, T4_44, T4_45, T4_46, T4_47, and T4_48. I've attached my log file from a session I built to clearly demonstrate the issue. What I am finding in the XML is that these gates are defined as direction="0" instead of direction = "1". I'm not exactly sure what this means and don't know if it is intentional, but it keeps the gates from accepting arriving planes. Hopefully, the fix is as simple at it sounds. Definitely impacts KJFK and KLAS which I believe are both being worked on for an SP. IMHO, the fix for this issue needs to be included in the SP. Craig output_log.txt
  7. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    The results won't change - there is an issue with Terminal_E impacting arrivals. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84609-tower3d-pro-klas-terminal_e-issues/
  8. Tower!3D Pro - KLAS Terminal_E Issues

    Hmmmm - it's probably not termlimit because I was able to get a 744 at each of the gates. Must be something else. Happy debugging! :)
  9. I just ran a session at KLAS and noticed I was not getting any arrivals at Terminal E. As best as I can tell, there are 14 gates assigned to Terminal_E. I started my session at 19:00, and noticed just a few planes at Terminal E. Looking at the log ASA621 was at E5, VRD483 at E10, and VRD919 at E13. Theoretically, that leaves 11 gates available. However, every arrival that was to park at Terminal_E got a no free terminal message: At 18:49, BAW275 a 744 failed to arrive because of a no free terminal message. At 18:54, WJA1352 a 73H got a no free terminal message. At 19:01, ASA620 a 73W got a no free terminal message. At 19:35, WJA756 as 73W got a no free terminal message. There are obviously open gates, so there must be something in the way that these gates are defined (?possibly termlimit?) that is keeping them from being used. I'm hoping this is an easy fix and can be added to the SP for KLAS. Thanks! output_log.txt
  10. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    Kev, this is good work - I've noticed this issue too lately. Two suggestions to get this in front of FeelThere (instead of SimSmith) - a separate topic (as you mentioned) and log files ("no log no bug").
  11. LAS Southwest planes at terminal E?

    From what I've seen at all the airports is that any airline assigned to more than one terminal appears to use one terminal over another. And some gates are consistently used over and over. All of this is most easily evident at KATL. The sim engine determines actual gate usage, but I haven't figured out the method to its madness. It does, however, appear to be more sequential than random. if you are really interested on what is happening with your schedule, the output_log.txt file will show you exactly each gate that is used, how often, and what arriving planes are to be used for later departures. And, keep in mind, because the sim loads six hours worth of flights, gate availability (no free terminal) will be an issue no matter what schedule you use. Regarding Janet, you could create even a new code or modify an existing one (assuming you want to hear a callsign other than Continental). Doesn't really matter.
  12. In real life, runway 8 is not used for arrivals - even though the sim allows you to select it. Runway 17 would be a more realistic arrival runway in combination with 9R. And for what it is worth, the sim does not allow you to include a runway in taxi instructions (i.e., no back taxiing).
  13. Cannot move windows to other monitors

    How are you attempting to move the windows and what happens when you try? You should see a file called output_log.txt in your tower3d_data folder or if you start the sim using tower3d.bat you should have a game.log folder in the root directory. There's also an output_log.txt in the \Tower!3D Pro\mmwindow\mmwindow_Data folder that might have some information of worth.
  14. SP3 Tower!3d Pro

    The extensions folder and its subfolders are added by Real Traffic and Real Color.
  15. Help with settings in Tower 3d Pro

    In doing a little research I found there are two sets of voices/voice services on Windows 10. The voices (SAPI5) used by Tower!3D Pro can be found by bringing up the Speech Recognition Control Panel and looking at the Text to Speech tab. In my case, I have David and Zira installed and both voices are used in the sim. There's another set of voices that can be found by going to Control Panel Settings, Time & language, Speech. I have the same voices you have plus a few more. Apparently these voices are used by Windows Store apps. Theoretically you can get the Mobile voices to work with SAPI5, but it involves hacking the registry. I'd like to hear a few more voices, if I ever get brave enough I may give it a try. ;)