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  1. If this is released, I believe it would be a top seller. I would love to see National, TWA, TTA and the list goes on and on.
  2. Yea guys. Listen to "futureboy" We want all the airports in North America and Europe. One a week. Also don't forget ATCC! Have a relaxing day. Bob B
  3. I'm looking forward to ATCC. I am sure it would be awesome considering your past works.
  4. A well deserved time off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for all the fine products.
  5. Thanks for the help Avwriter and futureboy. I changed Airfields to a different name and it worked like a charm.
  6. Henrik, Schedules are great but do not enjoy all white aircraft. How do I go back to the original program?
  7. Vic, I use Steam for Cities Skyline and TS2015. I would use it for your products. Bob Berry
  8. I was wondering if I can purchase a CD or DVD with already purchased airfields. My computer crashed and I was able to re-install Tower 2011 and some airfields but the airfields with download expiration dates could not be downloaded.
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