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  1. Excellent points. Hopefully the new 3D sim will have a more detailed approach to parking spots. Would you be willing to share your mod with others as a temp fix, until whenever Feelthere/Nyerges get around to instituting a permanent solution?
  2. 1. Are you selecting at least one active runway? 2. Are you using the default schedule, or the the Real Traffic schedule? Either way, be sure that you are selecting a time that is likely to have flights. 3. Did you try speeding up time to see if any flights appear? 4. Take a look at your schedule.txt. file in the Databases folder and see whether there are any flights listed there for Frankfurt. If there is nothing there, then you have found the problem. 5. Try Dick Parker's Schedule Creator (posted at the top of the forum). This gives you more control over your schedule file. I use Schedule Creator exclusively and find that it produces excellent results. It is a bit of work to get it set up (follow the instructions carefully, but it works beautifully). Andrew
  3. For whatever its worth, I have not experienced any performance issues with EDDF. My machine is mid-range (core 15-2500k with a GFX760 graphics card. Sorry you are having trouble. This is a nice one. It has always amazed me how much bigger and sprawling EDDF seems on the ground, than it really is. When inside the terminal building it always seems that you can walk for miles and get lost easily, almost like KJFK or KATL, but the actual facility is much simpler and more compact than either of those giants, as can be seen in the top-down view in this game or from the air. Andrew
  4. That looks very nice Timo. I am still hoping that Feelthere/Nyerges Design will get back to us on this. Kind of odd that they let such an obvious mistake through, unless it was intentional. I wondered if maybe the image was not perfectly to scale, and drawing all of Pier A/Z would cause aircraft on the east side to be too crowded up next to Pier B. When you run the game with your midification, was this an issue? Andrew
  5. Here you go. This may not be zoomed in enough, but take a look at DLH620. It is the aircraft closest to the center of the ASDE-X screen. On radar, it looks like it is parked out in the open, on the ramp, but as you can see from the main airport view, it is parked at a gate located along the southern extension of concourse A/Z of terminal one (the pier in the center of the main screen that juts out to taxiway N, to the immediate left of the two-pronged piers of concourse B. All of this pier is missing on the radar image except for the extreme western tip of it. Do you see what I mean? Andrew
  6. Not sure what is going on with the ground radar screen in EDDF. It seems to be missing parts of concourse A of Terminal 1 (West side). Aircraft parked at the gate in these areas appear to be sitting out on the ramp. Any chance that this could be corrected? Andrew
  7. It occurred to me while playing Tower 2011, that it would add another level of challenge if aircraft were periodically towed between gates and maintenance locations or overflow parking areas. Perhaps this could even be a solution to the problem of having an aircraft land and be stuck on the taxiway while waiting for a gate. Likewise, I suppose that airport ground vehicles might also be added to the mix of traffic that had to be managed, or at lease avoided. Perhaps the presence of such traffic could be made optional, so that beginners and others could choose not to have it. Just a thought... Andrew
  8. Thank you very much. Just picked up EDDF, KDFW, and New York TRACON sector all at 40% discount. Wow! Andrew
  9. No similar problems here. EDDF working smoothly. Have you tried reinstalling, or even redownloading. Perhaps a corrupted file or something. Good luck Andrew
  10. Actually, no I did not. Did not realize that was required. Will give it a try thanks. Andrew
  11. Just realized that I am not being awarded credit for successful takeoff and landings in TRACON 2012. I am following the directions as closely as I can, but must be missing something. Departures, ATL sector: I clear the planes up to FL140, and then up FL150 (as marked on the sector map included with the KATL addon. As they approach sector boundry (I presume that this it the white dotted circle centered on KATL about 50 miles out). Ten miles before reaching the boundry I click the target, it blinks and turns from "D" to "C." I then switch it to the appropriate freq. Arrivals: I clear the aircraft for ILS Approach to selected runway. as it approached the extended runway center line. I then wait until the aircraft is clearly established on the approach and descending on its own, and then switch it to the tower freq. I see the "A" change to "T," and eventually the target disappears. When I exit the session and click on info, there is still a zero next to "number of succesful takeoffs and landings. What am I missing? Andrew
  12. During an east flow, I believe they use a similar routing on the north side by means of taxiways B and V. However V is too narrow for use by aircraft with wingspan greater than 171 feet, so many aircraft just use C and D to cross to F. For west flows, which are far more common at KATL, traffic landing on 27L and 26R, will also frequently use the end-arounds (P and L/ V and F) depending on how far down the runway their landing roll takes them, and for which terminal they are bound. Andrew
  13. Sorry. Something odd going on with the URL. Try this 10SAB10 - KATL taxi route changes.pdf . Andrew
  14. Cool! I will definitely sign up. Perhaps you could pass a friendly suggestion to the Nyerges Design folks that they might want to participate as well... Andrew
  15. The article below is a few years old, but still current. Anyone who uses the KATL for Tower 2011 may find it to be of interest in optimizing their taxi routes. Works like a charm when using an east flow. http://www.ifalpa.org/downloads/Level1/Safety%20Bulletins/Airport%20Issues/10SAB10%20-%20KATL%20taxi%20route%20changes.pdf Andrew
  16. Any chance of repeating that sale, perhaps for the upcoming Easter holiday? I was out of town and missed that one. Hint hint ;) Andrew
  17. First let me say thank you so much for all your efforts in developing and Schedule Creator over the years. I feel that it adds tremendous value to the product. Here is my question. I am a little confused about the cargo terminal assignments at KATL. There are two cargo terminals at this airport (North and South), and both appear are active in the game. However, the terminal.txt file only lists one cargo terminal making it unclear how to assign specific cargo carriers to the appropriate location (UPS and FDX park at the north cargo ramp, while the south cargo ramp is used for most others). Is there an easy way to have the North and South cargo termianls treated as separate entities, or is that not practical without a great deal of knowledge about the inner workings of the Airfield Editor? Thank you for any insight you might have to offer. Andrew
  18. Perhaps you may not be looking closely enough, as the colorations on many airlines, such as Delta, are very subtle when viewed from the top. Specifically check for airlines like KAL that have solid color liveries in vibrant colors. Are these airlines gray too? I do wish that the game would allow you to zoom in a bit further than it does.
  19. Is there any chance of you guys ever adding the new termianl F at KATL to Tower 2011? Not sure how complex this would be, but it really seems wierd staring at the construction site, when the new terminal has long been open. Andrew
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