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Airspace editor craches on creating the runway's


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  It's not you ...it's the program.


 There are some (very few) that have managed to create their own sectors ..they are the exceptions...you are the rule.

There appears to be no support for this.

 So unless you care to devote most of your waking hours to programming... (apparently via notepad++)

you must be content to edit the product that is shipped ... regardless of the advertisement. You know ...the part where they suggest you can create your own sector... etc. (One of the main reasons I personally purchased this product.)


Be assured... you will find plenty to edit with the finished product you already have.


This is a missed opportunity to be sure.

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The problem I am having with the runways is the same as everyone else.  You build the runway and then save the sector.  I immediately go to the sector file and view it with notepad++ and the runway information is in there.  Then if you try loading the file later, it literally deletes the runway information.  i have also created the runway information via notepad first, then pull it into the game and as soon as I do it deletes the runway information.


I know there is some that have gotten this to work but the technique they use, for some reason does not work on my setup.


Hopefully someone has some ideas.

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This might be totally off the track but I had a problem some time ago with the MS malware program deleting some tower files also the virus program might see some code as malicious or virus & delete it. Try running your runway info etc. with both your malware and antivirus turned off. If the info still disappears then it is something else causing it but at least it tells you if that is the problem or it is something else.

Kev M



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