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Here is the new parallel approach system at work. Now the approach can line up airplanes on parallel runways if they are far enough from each other. There will be an override system too for exceptional airports such as KSFO :)
On the top of the Command Panel you can see how you could change the runways during the game if the weather require it. Yes, wind will be simulated too :)


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I have a sweet eye for KSNA, John Wayne airport for some reason. Something about that airport seem so intriguing to control. I don't know if it is the perfect mix of GA and comemrcial traffic on that airport, the location or somwthing else but one day I hope it will be an addon for Tower 3D pro. I have been holding out from purchase Tower 3D for the Pro version and I kid you not, I am very much looking forward to purchase and get my hands on controlling by voice the very day it is released.

By the way, I hope the new feature for Pro will be GA traffic doing pattern work. To mix these small guys in with commercial traffic on long final will add a new fun dimension. 


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Ah, was that a hint of sort?... :) so it seem then perhaps that I know what I will be doing those off work Christmas days. I just got me an Ultra Wide 34 inch monitor so I guess that big beast will come in handy controlling Tower3D Pro. Just hope my wife will not be too frustrated hearing constant chatter coming from my man cave where I have my computer setup "United 345, startup approved, Expect Runway 04" :) 



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