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Problem With Real Color at KPHL


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I purchased Real Color for all three Tower 3D default airports. It really improves the game. I have a problem with KPHL. The Piedmont and Air Wisconsin planes are still plain white. All of the rest of the planes seem to be colored correctly. Did I do something wrong? I reinstalled Real Color and still have the same problem. KLAX seems to be ok.

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2 hours ago, GKibby said:

I found a better way to describe the scope of the problem. All planes at Terminal F are plain white. 

Check to see if you are using any traffic mods.  If you are using a modified schedule that has different airlines/aircraft types assigned than what is in real traffic, this can cause some flights to be displayed without liveries.

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That was the answer. I was running a Schedule Creator 24 V1 schedule. I restored the Extensions/Airfields file as it was before I changed the schedule. All the planes now have Real Color. Thank you for the help with this problem.

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For what it is worth, I am not running any special schedules and Waterski in KPHL turned up white.  Is this the normal color for Waterski? The wings are gray, but I could not see a logo anyplace.
I have also turned the action camera back on just to get closer to the planes. Nice job Nyerges, it makes the different plane types really stand out a lot more.



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Thank you Avwriter your post!

Thank you futureboy for the honor!

By the way realy was an error in RC KPHL. 

We updated the Real Color KPHL and Real Color bundle product. You wil be able to download the new installer from the original download link what you received after the purchase.
The new installer works with the original activation code.
If there anything I can help please feel free to ask.

Best regards,




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Hi to all at nyergesdesign & feelthere,

Great products but I have a suggestion. When an SP is available is there any chance you could start a new thread with a title such as "SP2 now available for KPHL". Or it could be made clear on the feelthere website if you two developers coordinated better.  It would be a quick notification that an improved product is available without us have read every message in every thread and finding improvements are available almost by accident. Both ND & FT should be proud of their products and should shout out the improvements to those of us locked in dark rooms trying to keep an airport running smoothly in a thunderstorm!

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