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Dear Folks,

We are just about to wrap up the development of T!3DP.
We worked hard to come up with some discount scheme and with the kind help of BMT Micro (our payment processor company) we can offer $10 discount for existing customers who purchased Tower!3D (non pro) at www.feelthere.com and www.atcsuite.com during the first 10 days of the release. 

Thank you


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Thank you for making this happen!  Though less than I was hoping for, it is still a very welcome move.

1. The title of the post says "Pricing and discount."  What about the pricing part? 

2. Could we get a comprehensive list of pro improvements over the regular version?  I know some have already been covered in various posts, but it would be great to see it all together.

3.  Can you confirm that we will still be able to mod schedules as before?

4. What is the status of KATL?


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The pricing will be similar or same as Tower!2011 multi is now on atcsuite.com
I posted a link to the pro's manual sometimes last week, have you seen it? The list is so big and I'm just taking a 5 minutes break from testing, please refer to the manual to see these new things :)
The schedule system remains the same so you will be able to mod it just like in the non pro version :)
KATL will be released after PRO. We added so many changes/fixes it is possible KATL would not run on the current non PRO version. We will release an SP for the non PRO version after the PRO version will be out.

Thank all of you




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If I recall Vic said some time ago that most things were already tested except the multi monitor feature as it was a problem at the time, and once that feature was working correctly it would be a fairly quick testrun. With that in mind I so much hope we will see it soon! perhaps even this weekend but that might be a bit too optimistic I guess :)


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On 2/8/2017 at 5:51 PM, FeelThere said:


Please don't hate me if we fail to deliver this (not a) promise, but I can't keep my mouth shout; we are looking to release Tower!3D Pro in February.
The biggest task (the multimonitor) is now solved (just an insider info; this is the only reason we couldn't release the product late last year), we have only one task left; make Real Traffic and color to work with the multiplayer mode (which we believe should not take more than a couple of days). We will then run another beta cycle but I expect I will be busy checking installers and graphics around the end of next weekend :)
We are already working on T!3DP's Steam page :) It will be released by us so each SP we release on our website will hit Steam the same time.

About the multimonitor: it will work similar to MSFS; you will be able to undock them and freely move and resize them. Even better you can have one undocked and one docked of the same radar so you can zoom into two parts of the same airports independently.

All airport add-ons should work with PRO right away.

I can also confirm T!3DP's price is planned to be in T!2011 multi's price range. Please don't (yet) ask me about possible upgrade prices as this is something is still up in the air.  We are checking so many things before I can confirm or deny an upgrade option.



The above was posted by Vic in the "Tower 3D Pro" Topic.

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1 hour ago, Russellfire said:

Well vic , you enjoy that hard earned bottle of wine. Cheers.


Well, not quite yet.  First he has to release it.  Of course, all it takes is the click of a button, so let's have it :-)  By the way, for T3D owners, will the discount be applied automatically, or will we need some kind of special code?

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We just concluded the last planned full multiplayer testing.
We found 3 small bugs (most likely it wouldn't be noticed to most of you, but we were annoyed by them :) ). In the meantime our programmer found a 15% fps gain. During the weekend we try to iron out everything we found and run T!3DP all day long on Monday. If it's stable then we are looking for a release next week.

BMT Micro will send out all feelthere.com and atcsuite.com non pro customers the $10 discount automatically. If you for some reason don't get it, let me know (we will also announce it in our newsletter and facebook/twitter page too)

Thank you everyone

winsaudi: I noticed you changed your post, thank you, it's appreciated.
We had our first release back in 2002-2003 and somehow it became a custom for us to have fun with our fans just before the release. It's not to annoy you, but we are human (and we don't want to be The Company, rather "fellow flight simmers") and to be honest we enjoy these times with you. We had countdowns, we had customers who wrote poem for us and fellow simmers for the release. It's just part of what we do ;) Since those days we became fathers and I'm in my 4th decade too, but when you work so hard on a certain thing it's so much fun to enjoy it with this great group of people. Please don't get annoyed, join us and have fun :)




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