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TOWER!3D Pro release date?


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I"m a real newbie at tower!

3d. Actually I'm trying to build a realistic tower control simulator (So, I mean not the program, the hardware for it with voice recognition system, multi monitor system etc. Because i'm interested in air traffic controlling) and I found TOWER!3D which looked great, but the I found that they're going to realese a pro version with voice recongnition built it and so on. So:

Does anyone know what the exact release date is and does someone now a pricing for it already? And what are going to be the main features of it?

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3 hours ago, FeelThere said:

We plan to release Tower!3D Pro this week on atcsuite.com and feelThere.com and likely next week on Steam. The price will be $49.95

I take it, that the bug-fixing/testing has gone well this weekend?  By the way, nice new "Pro" cover shot on the Facebook page :-)

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I keep waiting to see when there will be any change on the atcsuite website.  So far there is not even a mention of the Pro version there.  Of course, what would be really cool would be if those who already owned the standard version got contacted early to make their purchase.

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22 hours ago, FeelThere said:


Thank you for your interest. If you build a Tower sim (hardware) please contact us :)

The price is going to be similar to the Tower!2011 product on www.atcsuite.com 




Thanks Vic for your hyper fast answer! ? How should I contact with your team for the simulator building?

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