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T3dpro voice and command bar


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I have no voice in t3dpro although voice commands work fine in t2011. When aircraft call up they don't appear in the command line but I can control ok with the mouse and respond with keyboard strokes when I see the strip pop up. I hear other noises ok. I deleted my early version of t3d in anticipation of t3dpro. When I hit Left Shift the first character in the command line lights up as if anticipating a voice command but nothing else appears when I try to say a command.


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I have had a very similar issue to hartleecub.  Actually my problems started months ago with the normal version of TOWER when I upgraded Windows to Win10.  Speech recognition works fine in Windows, but until recently I could get Tower, Tower 3d or 3dpro to work.  Somehow I now have speech working fine in 3dPro, but I'm not getting and pilot audio at all. nor is there any pilot text, not sure if there should be or not, but I remember it in the Tower version when it was working.

I've re-installed windows Speech API, using English (US) running as administrator etc.  Very frustrating as its a great sim otherwise.


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1 hour ago, hartleecub said:

Vic I'm out of ideas and T3dpro is totally unplayable with the code gibberish spoken by the sim right now. What now? Mike

You've probably done this, but have you tried switching between the two different voices available?  Male and Female.  I think changing this helped me with another program. 

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Hey thanks! Now I have normal a/c voices and no more of the gibberish but a new problem arose...my speech commands are not recognized. I get the flashing green cursor in the command line when I issue a verbal command but no displays are on the command line. I can issue commands with the keyboard (but who wants to do that) and aircraft respond ok. Vic, does this narrow your suggestions down any? I feel like we're getting close. Mike

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