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ADIRS window disappears on 2nd Monitor


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I am attaching a game log following an instance where the ADIRS window on my 2nd monitor suddenly closed without my asking it to..  When I brought up a new ADIRS window and then tried to move it to the 2nd monitor, it disappeared.  I tried to restore it 2 times in a row, but each time the window momentarily took up the full screen and then disappeared.  From the log, this happened at 09:06:45 and again at 09:07:31.


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To assist, here's my game.log where the ADIRS window on a second monitor closed multiple times during the session. If I'm reading the log correctly my session started at 17:45 and I started ADIRS on a 2nd window at 16:30, 16:32, 16:33, 16:36, and 16:44. I also had to reopen my strip at 16:44.





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Could you please help us to understand it?

Please go to mmwindows directory and instead of using the button within the game to undock the adirs, use the adirs.bat in this directory to open a second adirs window. It will then generate an adirs.log file. Please post this file and the usual game.log here right after the adirs disappears. 


Thank you





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The ADIRS on the 2nd monitor disappeared once on me the other day. I  opened again & was good for the rest of the session. Sorry I didn't get a game log.

Just like the early days of the 747-400, the nav (ND) screens used to disappear and come back by themselves.

Kev M

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