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Tried to correct the JBU text line with a space so the speech program won't spell out the callsign, but I keep getting Access Denied when trying to save the change. Says the directory already exists and won't let me replace it or change it, even with Admin on. Now what?


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I personally don't understand what's so hard about updating their files.  It appears that the same airlines, aircraft and airports data files are used for each airport so why not just fix it now?  After downloading and trying out KJFK the other day (love it by the way!  One step closer to KBOS!  :D - plug  :p ), I found even MORE errors with real traffic.  Simple stuff that could be fixed so easily and honestly, many of which should have been caught before release.  I mean really, Caribbean spells out it's entire name!  Why?  Ummm, it was mis-spelled with 2 "r's".  (eyeroll)  We have UPS flights going in and out of JFK with no assigned parking - another simple fix.  And my personal favorite: Terminal 6 (ummm, dosn't exist anymore but anyway) .. assigned parking for ....... (wait for it!) ......  WIZZ AIR!!!  That's right, Hungary's low cost regional carrier now with a non-stop service from Budapest!  Got their own terminal and everything!  (Lol)


Come on guys .. these are simple fixes.  I emailed Nyerges Design and was told, "if developer release the next airport we will release the big Real Traffic update. Please your patiente!"  Patience?  Real Traffic was released almost a year ago .. Proper testing and correction of these errors could have been done in ONE DAY.  I mean hell if I felt motivated, I'd go through the files myself and upload corrected files here.  Hmmm ... think I might just do that .. :)

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Okay so, just to try to avoid any more surprises while controlling at KJFK, I went through the schedule and noted the airlines that are used.  Then I adjusted the terminal file to make sure everyone has a place to go.  Added some cargo airlines that are in the schedule but not assigned gates, etc.  I also made better use of terminal 6 by assigning it to Pinnacle, since the extension of terminal 4 doesn't appear to be complete here and to open up gates at terminal 7.  Here's my kjfk_terminal file:


Terminal_GA: GA
Terminal_2: DAL
Terminal_5: JBU,EIN,HAL,TAP
Terminal_6: PIL
Terminal_Cargo: ICL,FDX,ABX,UPS


So then I set about the task of, "convincing" the ai to properly speak the callsigns.  Here's my list of corrections - yeah I know, "QWON TIS"  Lol  But hey, it works!  (sort of)  As I was going through the kjfk_airlines file (as far as I know, the same data used for all airports) I found and corrected some other obvious errors, like 4 character IATA codes (insert eyeroll), spelling errors, incorrect callsigns, etc.  Some are not quite right but still .. "A VEE ANKA" isn't perfect but it's better than, "A-V-I-A-N-C-A."  Anyway, here's what I got.


Happy Controlling!


AFR, AF, AIR FRANCE, Air France, France
AVA, AV, A VEE ANKA, Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia, Colombia
WJA, WS, WEST JET, WestJet, Canada
AAR, OZ, A SHE ANNA, Asiana Airlines, Republic of Korea
BAW, BA, SPEED BIRD, British Airways, United Kingdom
JAL, JL, JAPAN AIR, Japan Airlines, Japan
KAL, KE, KOREAN AIR, Korean Air, Republic of Korea
QFA, QF, KWON TIS, Qantas Airways, Australia
JBU, B6, JET BLUE, JetBlue Airways, United States
SKW, OO, SKY WEST, SkyWest Airlines, United States
AIC, AI, AIR INDIA, Air India, India
RAM, AT, ROYAL AIR MORE ROCK, Royal Air Maroc, Morocco
FIN, AY, FIN AIR, Finnair, Finland
BWA, BW, CARIBBEAN AIRLINES, Caribbean Airlines, Trinidad and Tobago
ICE, FI, ICE AIR, Icelandair, Iceland
ABX, GB, ABEX AIR, Airborne Express, United States
THY, TK, TURK AIR, Turkish Airlines, Turkey 
RYR, FR, RYAN AIR, Ryanair, Ireland
TAM, JJ, TAM, TAM Linhas Aereas, Brazil
    (Also replace BLC with TAM in KJFK Terminal 8)
RVP, WV, AEROVIP, Air VIP, Portugal
WUA, WU, Wizz Air Ukraine, Wizz Air Ukraine, Ukraine
PTI, PT, PRIVATAIR, Privatair, Switzerland
JIA, OH, BLUE STREAK, PSA Airlines, United States
PBN, DJ, BLUEBIRD, Pacific Blue, New Zealand
CYL, CT, CITYLINER, Air One Cityliner, Italy
TAH, QE, AIR MOOREA, Air Moorea, France
BEZ, A641, SEA BREEZE, Kingfisher Air Services, United States
    (can't find an IATA code for this one but that clearly is not it)

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Just a small note for nyergesdesign.

PBN, DJ, BLUEBIRD, Pacific Blue, New Zealand, is no longer. It is now part of Virgin Australia using the VA codes.

Basically please delete it from the database on the hotfix.

Kevin M

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Dear Guys,

we just hotfixed the Real Traffic for Tower! 3D product. You will be able to download the new installer from the original download link what you received after the purchase. The new installer works with the original activation code.

Thank you


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