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PHX airport error - Field Lights Wrong Colors #NyergesDesign

ATControl  -- Joe

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Turned on the field lights for a night session at PHX and a runway color error exists.  I have clipped in a couple pictures to show the issues. (Thx to pilot BAM who's home airport is PHX for the confirm on the colors)

1.  Runway lights -- In game -- Red band up the center of the runway, entire length.     Real colors at airport should be white edge lights, no band of lights up the center and only white lights in the center  of the runway are those that mark the high-speed turnoffs and less-bright center line.  The only time a permanent red center line would be a conflict-situation where the lights would change, but in no case should ALL runways be permanently red.




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8 hours ago, ATControl -- Joe said:

All runways at Boston are covered in red lights.  Add it to the list.  


Joe, you're screenshot only shows the end of the runway. If you follow the lights for the entire length of the runway at KBOS you'll see that it is "not covered in red lights" but seems to follow the standards for RCLS. I've included the description below from the link SK provided and also screenshots from runway 9 showing the light configuration.

Runway Centerline Lighting System (RCLS) - On some precision runways, a runway centerline light system is installed, with white lights spaced at 50-ft intervals on the centerline of the runway. With 3,000 feet remaining, the white lights change to alternating white and red, and then all red during last 1,000 feet.

Red lights the last 1000 feet.KBOS1.thumb.JPG.5d7fe1087f546f9e4570142d399112ff.JPG

Alternating red and whiteKBOS2.thumb.JPG.2aeae87b58cfcb94e07adddbbdc6ec90.JPG

White lights


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4 minutes ago, Sky King said:

But those screen shots are not what KPHX looks like. They are solid red for the length of the runway as correctly shown in Joe's screen shots.

SK -No argument about KPHX, but Joe's last post was about KBOS and that is where the screenshots are from. So, runway light issue at KBOS or not? 

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I think the post is being missed here.  The picture at is rwy 9 at BOS.  There is no reason to have red lifhts on the runway when there is no incursion issue AND yes at the ends of runways there are red lights in the direction the plane is FACING.   Not where the plane is sitting for departure.  In my image the plane is lined up on rwy 9 for departure...for no reason would a set of red lights be in front of the departing jet unless it was at the far end.  And yes, pull up Boston, put the field lights on and multiple runways have full length red lights.  I just didn’t clip the picture for every single one as one picture advises of the issue

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Joe, I would say don't hold your breath for these changes there are bigger bugs/problems in the game. Plus ever sim has its own array of texture inconsistencies. You seem to be asking for perfection witch that's good. But at the same time, people are people and so since we all have our own flaws that mean things we make can also have some flaws.

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Joe,  I think you are looking for a dynamic light system that would activate depending on which runways that are being used for takeoff and landings.  The current runway lighting for Tower!3D Pro is a static one.  I always see ILS lights streaming inward at both ends of a runway (i.e. $R and at 22L for BOS) even though only 4R is being used for landings.  Airports only activate the ILS light for the active landing runway(s).  I believe this a a new feature request regarding KBOS.  The issues for KPHX and KLGA still stand as they do not follow the white in the middle with mixed nearing the end, and red at the end of the runway standard.

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