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"Change to runway xx" seems not to work


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Hey folks,

I tried to give an AC the "change to runway xx" command in KLAX right after it says "with you" on finals.   For example the AC is on 6R on final and I want him to change to 6L....   It's always "negative"!?????     It always worked with Tower2011 that way?  

Some suggestions?

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Thx for your reply.  

But, I know the command "enter final runway".   I like to use the verbal command "CALLSIGN CHANGE TO RUNWAY XX CLEARED TO LAND"!!!  In Tower2011 and it worked very well on switching parallel runways.   BUT it doesen't work on 3D PRO ..........    The command is listed in the manual, but it won't work.      The benefit of this command is, you can clear the AC in one transmission and switch it to another runway. 

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CALLSIGN, CHANGE TO RUNWAY XX does exist in the manual but without the the CLEARED TO LAND phrase. The benefit of the command now in Pro is really just 2 syllables versus 4 as the separate CLEARED TO LAND is still required.

Having said that I have never gotten the command to work myself in Pro. I'm curious if it is a bug or if there are specific rules when it can be used. @FeelThere?  


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21 minutes ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

D-FENS, just to do some troubleshooting here: 

1) Is the other runway active?

2) Is it clear of any AC, obstacle, etc.?


Yes and Yes. Your second question intriuges me. How does CHANGE TO RUNWAY differ from ENTER FINAL RUNWAY?


PS - What obstacles could be on a runway in this sim?

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The 2011 manual provides a few more details on the requirements of the command. See below.

      must be followed by CLEARED TO LAND

Aircraft will change approach and land on the assigned runway. The runway change will be noted on the flight's strip on the Strip screen.

Syntax notes:

  • The runway change can only be a parallel runway with a centerline no greater than 1000 feet from the runway assigned by the approach controller. For example: aircraft assigned by approach control to runway 7L at KLAX can only have their landing runway changed to runway 7R. Aircraft assigned to KLAX runway 7L cannot be assigned to runways 6L or 6R.

In @D-FENS example he mentions 6R/6L which theoretically should work. But, as always, logs and screenshots are needed.

Personally, I'm not sure if I tried this command on runways within 1000ft of each other.


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