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T3DPro KLAS Winds Incorrectly Modelled


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Hi FT,

I have just played a 24-hour cycle at KLAS spread over a few sessions and I was hardly ever able to use the ATC preferred  runway configuration 1 which is arrival runways 19R & 25L with departures from 19L and 25R. The prevailing winds are depicted in the diagrams below taken from windhistory.com/station.html?KLAS and are clearly southwesterly which is why the preferred runway config 1 is the most commonly used:



So I did a quick test by starting KLAS 50 times (twice per selectable hour plus 2 more 00:00 starts to round the sample up to 50).  I noted the winds at game start and highlighted in yellow those winds that were southwesterly (generously from 180 to 270); there were exactly zero starts with southwesterly winds.  If I then took the reciprocal of the T3DP start winds and highlighted those that were now southwesterly in yellow there were 34, so 68%. See this table:


From the average speed 'rose' it seems the average windspeed at KLAS is just under 10kts but in my 50 T3DP starts the average was in excess of 18kts. (I do chuckle at the wind speed in T3DP being 3 digits (e.g. 015) as if a wind of 100+kts could be expected!)

When I try to select a preferred runway but the program wind is not compatible the 'pilots' say "The crosswind is too high" but the crosswind is not the problem, correctly it should be that the tailwind is too high. 

I have not looked for this at other airports, but when I have time I will.

Please add this onto the list of things to fix with a KLAS SP (or a T3DP SP if that is appropriate).

Thanks FT,


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1 hour ago, Sky King said:

Thanks for the work! It would be much easier if we could specify the wind direction as part of setup...... (@crbascott  -- hope you win the next bet).


I could not agree with you more.  It has been a frustration ever since the game was released.  Give the user an option to manually set the winds.  Better yet, let us set the winds, and then set a parameter for how the wind will shift over time from 0 degrees all the way to 180.  Perhaps this will be possible to do in the next version.  An option to download real world weather would be cool too.   We can always hope.



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If I'm not mistaken, predominant wind direction was an issue at a couple of airports after they released. I remember LAX specifically. Agreed, hopefully this can get fixed in the LAS SP and that more elaborate wind options will be part of the next version.

8 hours ago, Sky King said:

Thanks for the work! It would be much easier if we could specify the wind direction as part of setup...... (@crbascott  -- hope you win the next bet).


SK - When I think of wind, hot air, etc. ... I definitely think of you. :)  PS - another check is in the mail. :)

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