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7 minutes ago, Daemien67 said:

ATC Joe's Real Traffic LAX has the cargo terminal in action. Lots of added complexity!

That's not the area we are talking about. The only "cargo" area currently available is Terminal_GA with only 10 gates.

The cargo area mentioned by @BillA is the substantially larger cargo area on the south east part of KLAX used by FedEx & others. The attached image is one I posted on the forum over a year ago. The area circled in blue is what we see in Pro. The area circle in red is what is missing.

With only the blue area implemented you can have some GA and cargo flights, but as it stands today and for the foreseeable future KLAX cannot handle realistic cargo/GA volumes. 


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Don't forget we are also missing the American regional terminal just north of taxiway C5 and the pads on the west end of the airport where they park the international flights overflow near taxiway AA.  Also if the GA area is used for flights in the schedule.txt file then the GA local traffic file will be ignored.  There are also the missing taxiways since the version in the game is so old.

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