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Due to popular demand i have reloaded my schedule.

Please use the link below to download the files

Please remember to use all the listed text files to overwrite the existing real traffic files, including, but not limited to terminal, airports, airlines and airplane text files

Please post here or DM me for any clarification on installation

Please note these schedules are not updated so may contain outdated information

Thanks to @Falryx for keeping a record of these files








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Thanks for the schedule. Haven't played KLGA for a while and I am happy for some new challenges, so I started with 10:00 but there are two arriving Envoy 3675 right at the beginning.



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Hi Pete

SKD is Skywest (Delta) I split my regionals up so they go the the correct terminal. You'll find ASU (Acey United) and RPD (Republic Delta) as well

I have transferred a few liveries to get colour on the planes.

In regards to the Spirit one, they are running a 320 Neo for that flight, I have swapped the type in the airplane file so the livery comes up.


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The ones that have liveries are SKD: The old Shuttle America livery, and SKA (Skywest American) which i have used the the 'RW' Republic Airlines livery

All the rest are vanilla.

I don't like white planes, but i hate regionals in the wrong terminals even more 😄

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You can swap liveries by using an IATA with a livery attached and give it a different ICAO and callsign.

In the example above i used SKD, S5, Skywest, Skywest Airlines, United States and SKA, RW, Skywest, SKywest Airlines, United States in the Airlines text

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1 minute ago, alaskaGuy2018 said:

weird thing is i was looking at wikipedia just with what airlines have neos of 320 or 321 and i didnt realize that alaska has some a 321 neos according to wikipedia which i am not 100 percent sure how accurate wikipedia is rhough

That flightradar link with photo shows a A320 Neo, so i hope its pretty accurate

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