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ADIRS at KJFK laggy


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Does anyone know why the ADIRS at KJFK is so laggy in T!3Dpro? After some time it only runs with 1 frame per 1 to 2 seconds. I noticed it already several times. I use the latest updates for airport, RT and RC. Is it just me or is the problem known? And what is much more important, is there a fix for it?
KJFK is the only Add-On (of those I own) with which I have problems each time.

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I give up - the problem is not detectable with my modest capabilities! But here's what I can tell you:

ADIRS at KFJK is generally somewhat laggy, compared to the other airports in my collection. It gets bad (for me) when ADIRS is separated and displayed on a second monitor and after a while pinned back to the main screen. It varies from one to five minutes, but then the performance of ADIRS is beyond good and evil. It's confusing because it's all ADIRS and the rest runs smoothly. I don't have this problem with any other airport add-on.

If no one has an idea, I will simply ignore KJFK in my airport list. This is much more healthier than constantly getting annoyed about incidents I notice too late, because of ADIRS only runs with one frame per 1-2 seconds. (That's not the case all the time, but repeatedly).

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In a multi-monitor setup any time the focus is not on the main screen I experience lag. 

With focus on the main screen the game clock will run about 56 seconds for a minute of action. If I move focus to the ADIRS on my second monitor, the game clock will only increase by 30-45 seconds. 

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