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OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

ATC AlaskaGuy

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in OMDB the airline DTH is on the strip in a screen shot that was taken from them playing ODMD with this airline and it had a 777 listed but I can't find this airline in the manifest list I think it is Tassili air but in the manifest it isn't listed but on the official webpage for ODMB it has this airline listed as a airline that goes to Dubai, was just wondering why this airline wasn't put into Dubai?

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this isn't English 101 this is the internet so who cares anyhoo I can't figure out how that in a screenshot of OMDB that in the strip it says that there is a DTH 777, but this impossible as that on Wikipedia it says that the airline TASSILI AIR only has B738's and the DH8D so how is it that then someone has it as a 777.

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I think you're reading too much into this. It looks like it was a random airline chosen for testing.

I would doubt it is flying to Melbourne, or 2 flights, 1 flight number apart, are leaving a minute apart either.

I believe the main purpose of that shot was to show what the control tower looks like

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