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  1. AirJamaica


    I can't wait for CDG😍
  2. AirJamaica


    Woow thats amazing! Can't wait to guide Air Austral , Air Madagascar and other big jets into CDG!
  3. AirJamaica


    Is Paris CDG in the pipeline or Orly?
  4. I already had one but gave her a bit more attention for the last 2 weeks😂😉
  5. Look for a girlfriend to fill in your time lol, before you know it they will release Gatwick
  6. AirJamaica


    I work at the ramp with these aircrafts. What kind of photos you looking for?
  7. @FeelThere please give us a release date for EGKK. Checking the site and forum all day everyday, it makes me crazy
  8. AirJamaica

    KMIA for Tower!3D Pro?

    Why does it take so long to release an airport...
  9. Agreed with Braf. Called out American, United and Delta too many times lol
  10. Gatwick is been tested already Vic said so it should be relaesed soon
  11. AirJamaica

    EDDS is released

    I saw on the feelthere site that EDDS is released!
  12. Some pics from Amsterdam
  13. AirJamaica

    Community Project - New Livery Requests for RC KJFK

    After silence about the route for a while, it’s finally happening. Kenya Airways will begin flying daily between Nairobi and New York JFK as of October 30, 2018. The route will be operated with the following schedule: KQ002 Nairobi to New York departing 11:25PM arriving 6:25AM (+1 day) KQ003 New York to Nairobi departing 12:25PM arriving 10:55AM (+1 day)
  14. AirJamaica

    Another Problem With RT at EDDS

    Sounds like a good airport to play lol
  15. AirJamaica

    EDDS is released

    @FeelThere why are there no jetways on the terminal like in real life?
  16. Kenya Airways will start service NBO JFK this year. Would be a great addition a Kenya 787;)
  17. AirJamaica

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Did you knew that it's stricly forbidden to planespot at DXB. Couple of years ago 3 brits got arrested and send to jail for taking pictures at DXB
  18. There you have your answer👍 be patient then haha
  19. I just redownloaded the email link. Sp2v4.exe. i just tried to download it without any announcement from nyerges design and it worked. I saw Volaris A321, air cananda 7m8, 787 new livery, Air China b787. So it seems it worked for me.
  20. Redownload RC KLAX, mine was updated
  21. They are available for 3 days now. I use them already

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