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The lower picture is the new paint scheme as of about 2 years ago. They're still transitioning the mainline and feeders over to the new paint scheme and as it takes time to do this, you'll still see the old one flying around for a while. With the AC 767 fleet retired now, you'll probably see a few less out there.

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3 hours ago, ATC AlaskaGuy said:

which one of these is the current

Aircraft are repainted, usually, on four to seven year schedule. Repainting is usually done during a C or D check.  These checks cannot be put off as they are federally/internationally regulated safety items for the aircraft to keep its airworthiness certificate. Painting, though, is an option. With the current collapse of the airline industry it's possible many airlines may not even paint aircraft or use simpler liveries (use Google and find out the history of the old shiny silver limited paint American Airlines livery and why they did it).

Not updating/changing/repainting aircraft will save  hundreds of thousands of dollars per plane.

@ATC AlaskaGuy besides using Google, or other internet search engine, I encourage you to pick up some airliner enthusiast magazines that cover this process and increase your knowledge about airline operations.  Two mags I recommend are Airways and Airliner World.  Both also have well done and up to date www-sites.

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