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  1. I look at the log and i think a texture caused the game to crash output_log.txt
  2. Runway Choosing

    when expect we see the new SP
  3. Runway Choosing

    k ty
  4. Runway Choosing

    I just have one simple question on strips on BOS and JFK is there a reason why the AI seem to favor one runway over the other if you have more then one selected for inbound. I do see that it chooses whichever one is closest to its gate. but it would be nice if they would alternate runways more then they do now.
  5. KLAS Intersecting Runways?

    Even thought i see your point but i think the game looks for if the path of the plane cross and not the likely hood of them crashing
  6. Is there a way we could get an update to KLAX taxiway. See the picture with the requested changes. Also look at this PFD of lax with the real changes.
  7. Wrong Download Link

    Thanks that helped
  8. Wrong Download Link

    could the the problem be that i have 2 folders in the FeelThere folder Tower!3D Pro and Tower3DPro
  9. Wrong Download Link

    So then how would i go about getting it to work since i already have the KSAN airport and that is does require SP2A
  10. Wrong Download Link

    I already have ksan and the DLC i bought everyone i wanted when i first got the game
  11. Wrong Download Link

    then how can i get it to work since when i go to load the map it opens the ksan page on the site
  12. Wrong Download Link

    Then how can i get SP2A so i can get Ksan to work
  13. Wrong Download Link

    it's the current sp2a then if so i got the wrong link for the files. I got the on Tue, Aug 8, 2017. if you need the purchase confirmation email i can send that as well
  14. Wrong Download Link

    I bought it from you guy direct from the site
  15. Follow Company Bug

    in the actual text log file what would I be look for