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  1. Sfo

    I would hopefully think with in the next couple months. But FYI feelthere will never give us a release date. We wont know till the actual day they release it.
  2. KSAN San Diego issues

    1. with the planes doing 360s during the push that the AI of the tugs. You will see that across the whole game 2. For the cargo problem, what command are you using I did look at the log file you provided but it doesn't give any information. For example the log should look something like this output_log (1).txt The log give information that the devs can look at to see what could be causing the problem. you can find the out put log under C:\SteamClient\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Data look for the file called output log

    @Braf123456 If they are airlines that real color provides textures for and they are still white then yes it a problem. But if you are playing with files that have custom airlines then they will be white since there's no texture available for it. Also, have you tried redownloading Real Color for the airports that you have found the white airlines on.
  4. Problems with KJFK

    Thats normal it does that when the game can't figure out the path right away. Eventually it will find a path with the taxiways you gave it. But if it doesn't then try just give a genaric pash and see what path it takes. If nothing else works then the only other thing to do is to delete the plane. Also JFK is one of the most intense map in the game. It could be as simple as your unit just can't process the game fast enough to keep it at a high FPS. Or it could be that the games having a hard time being able to keep everything rendered.
  5. Multiplayer freezes on load screen

    Yes. but the thing is the game won't tell you what files aren't the same
  6. Multiplayer freezes on load screen

    With multiplayer files on both ends have to be the same. Mainly the schedule and terminal files. Also if one person has real traffic the other has to have it as well. Real color in optional. Most of the time if there a problem it's normal that it will stop loading at 91% and 80%.
  7. One bug and a suggestion

    What you have brought up about the crossing command many peole have been asking for that but we get the it will be in the next version response so we don't really know when we will get that comman.
  8. Multilayer Increase

    This probably has been brought up somewhere but what chances do we have to get a user increase for multiplayer session. A benefit of doing this is the airports can be split up. Witch would and a level of complexity to the game. Plus if we could also get tracon entagrated then we could have both departure and arivales controls.
  9. Real Traffic/Service Pack updates

    A good rule of thumb it ever time a new airport comes out update real traffic. Yes, when you update RT it will override the files that you have in the airport files.
  10. Joe, I would say don't hold your breath for these changes there are bigger bugs/problems in the game. Plus ever sim has its own array of texture inconsistencies. You seem to be asking for perfection witch that's good. But at the same time, people are people and so since we all have our own flaws that mean things we make can also have some flaws.
  11. Real Color Philadelphia not showing up

    How many Tower folders do you have with is the main FeelThere file. If there's more then that your problem. To fix that Open both to folders Then in both windows open up the extension/airplane folders. Now move the files from the folder that's not C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks move those files to the file path that was mentioned
  12. Taxi Problem On PHX

    Ir doesn't seem like the planes what to go south on R passed C don't know if that is intended output_log.txt
  13. Custom Schedules - Real Traffic Details

    Best thing do do is use flightawere and you will also need to use the airplane and airlines files that the game gives you
  14. What I think is that it takes all the flights from schedule starting at the time you selected then just do the % of whatever you set it to, then it uses those flight during the sim
  15. Where do updates get posted

    For new airport at least when they are released them the respective ad will shoe in game. But for the update, you have to look at the forums. Good rule of thumb is if there's a new airport out there an update for Real Traffic.