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  1. Unable to register

    A "lecture" in 40 words? Really? Other programs? There was no offence meant, sorry, but I do so often have to explain and justify these things, and it seemed better to do that from the outset than suffer the usual complaining response. Eveidently, in your case, it was not quicker at all. :-( Pete
  2. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hmm, so lower than mine (with 100 traffic), which is comforting in a way, given how much I've spent on this super PC to try and get EGLL usable, which it is, just about, now. I assume Warpalizer does work with 3 separate P3D windows, overlapping so it can blend the joins? I've not checked out LSZH yet. Are you using the Aerosoft Mega Zurich "Professional"? Heathrow has always been my worst performing airport, once loaded up with some traffic. Ouch. That's not good. The Tru-view software I'm using is basically the same as FS-Elise, same author, and it looks very similar in terms of menus, etc etc. Once you do get it as best it will go, can you post performance data with it, please. In fact, if you have Aerosoft or UK2000 EGLL, I'd like to know what you get there, Warpalizer vs FS-Elise. If warpalizer is much better performance-wise I might need to check it out myself. Pete
  3. Aircraft File 3C00 Offset

    C172: 2329 C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\A2A\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C172\C172.air = 32FC inc and 3C00 being set 3157 VRI MCP2A ("MCP2 Airbus") detected on port com3 98250 Aircraft loaded: running normally now ... 98250 User Aircraft ID 1 supplied, now being used 98938 System time = 19/10/2017 22:41:50, Simulator time = 20:38:11 (19:38Z) 98954 Aircraft="C172R default" = 3D00 being set 105875 Weather Mode now = Theme 105954 Starting everything now ... so that looks like 103.625 seconds from 32FC and 3C00 being set and ipcReady being executed, and the latter is 7 seconds exactly after the aircraft name is set in 3D00.. A320: 6984 C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects/Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE\A320.air = 32FC inc and 3C00 being set 7094 VRI MCP2A ("MCP2 Airbus") detected on port com3 100187 User Aircraft ID 1 supplied, now being used 104812 Aircraft loaded: running normally now ... 105516 System time = 19/10/2017 22:29:12, Simulator time = 14:35:55 (13:35Z) 105516 Aircraft="FSLabs A320X IAE - FSLabs" = 3D00 being set 107344 Weather Mode now = Theme 112500 Starting everything now ... So starting everything 105.516 seconds after 32FC and 3C00 are set, and 6.984 seconds after 2D00 is set. I don't understand where you are getting your figures from, or why they matter? Triggered even before the event command is executed!? No, that isn't possible. How will it know which function to call, or even register the offset to be monitored? Please use the trace facilities to work out what your code is doing. Just to illustrate what I say above, here's part of a log on my PC where I'm monitoring 32FC, 3C00 and 3D00: 60684 E:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\B737_800\Boeing737-800.air 61184 Monitor IPC:32FC (U16) = 1 61184 Monitor IPC:3C00 (AsciiZ) = [62]"E:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airpla" 61184 Monitor IPC:3D00 (AsciiZ) = [0]"" 371750 User Aircraft ID 2 supplied, now being used 371766 Aircraft loaded: running normally now ... 372094 System time = 20/10/2017 14:06:29, Simulator time = 08:22:45 (07:22Z) 372156 Aircraft="Boeing 737-800" 372172 Monitor IPC:3D00 (AsciiZ) = [14]"Boeing 737-800" 372172 SimRead: 3D00="TITLE" STR256: "Boeing 737-800" 562649 Starting everything now ... 562727 ASN active function link set 562727 Ready for ActiveSky WX radar with additional data 562805 LUA.0: beginning "E:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\ipcReady.lua" Pete
  4. I really cannot support old versions -- please always make sure you are using a current version before posting support requests. Version 4.971 is current! Pete
  5. Lua stutter

    Well, that's a new one. I've never seen or heard of any sort of hesitation caused just by invoking a Lua plug-in. A request to run a Lua plug-in is implemented by first creating a new thread. It is that thread which then loads and executes the Lua code. The Lua threads are at a lower priority that the main sim, so really should not have any noticeable affects on performance. Of course, it can later, depending on what it does. The disk access to load the file should not be causing it unless it interferes with some disk accesses being made by the main sim. To check this, does the "empty file" Lua cause a stutter on subsequent loads, or only on the first (the later ones sohuld get the file from a cache, unless you've turned Windows file caching off)? It is a puzzle. Could creating a new thread be causing some delay, some conflict? Maybe Windows is already running near its maximum number of threads (whatever that might be)? Are you running many things simulataneously? Many Lua threads simultaneously? In case it is something to do with processor contention, you could try adjusting the Affinity Mask for Lua threads (LuaAffinityMask parameter in the [General] section of the INI file). That needs to be a subset of the processors assigned to P3D (all of them if the P3D Affinity Mask is defaulted).[Ah, looking at yout INI you'd already set that. Might be a good idea to restore iit to 0, to default, as a test, as most folks will have it like that] I don't know what your application is for the plug-in, but one thing to consider, for greater efficiency in any case, is to use the event system to operate it, and have it loaded during initialisation, using an [Auto] section in the INI. Then it is only loaded the once, and resides in memory in a suspended thread, just waiting for the appropriate triggers. Pete
  6. FSUIPC 5 not visible

    First, check that you are using the latest supported version of FSUIPC5 -- version 5.121b or later. If you are, then the log will show what is happening (FSUIPC5.LOG in the Modules folder). Please show me that. The most likely thing is that the connection between FSUIPC and SimConnect is stalling. This can happen with some add-on aircraft like the PMDG and FSL ones and long flights where the load on the system somerhow gradually builds up. AutoSaves with aircraft like the PMDG and FSL ones will make it worse because they take a long time. The problems with long autosave delays resulting in FSUIPC losing SimConnect connection was fixed in one of the recent releases. So getting FSUIPC up to date is your first priority. You might also want to think about NOT using AutoSaves with aircraft like PMDG and FSL models. Pete
  7. Well, that's sure proof it IS a SimConnect bug. Just not serious. A BOOLEAN should be supplied as 0 for FALSE and 1 for TRUE. It must have been changed at some time after SP2. Maybe Acceleration, of FSX-SE. Anyway, if you always treat non-zero as "true" you won't go wrong. Pete
  8. RWY Bumping Sound

    Yes, but not a lot bigger! Thakn. I'll take a look. When you say Believe me, it's the same with TruView = FS-Elise = Immersive Pro = Black Widow. Mine still isn't right, from May this year. I've just had air conditioning fitted into the room, as we suspected lense distortion withthe heat generated by the computers, cockpit and projectors,. The latter are necessarily very close together. When you say "Man has to ..," was this set up for you? Problem with TruView is that Nat Crea, the maker of screens who also sets everything up, is in Melbourne, Australia, almost as far away as it possible from me in England! Oh, I sort of got an impression you were using WidevieW too. So how's performance with three projectors and presumably three separate view windows in P3D? Even with my very fast system, I'm lucky to get 20 fps at Heathrow (UK2000 or Aerosoft Pro), and with less AI traffic than I'd really like (FSUIPC AI limit set to 100). It's okay flying, just not so good at dense airports. Pete
  9. Aircraft File 3C00 Offset

    I have also replaced them in FSUIPC, but as it isn't urgent it will just be a "hidden bonus" in the next update -- at least for FSUIPC5. Not done it for FSUIPC4 yet. The change of aircraft is signalled by the count in offset 32FC being changed. And that is done at exactly the same time as the AIR filepath is placed in 3C00, which is logged (see my previous message). This is when SimConnect signals an "AircraftLoaded" event, which is the earliest I can detect it. 3D00 is the aircraft name, which isn't available till later, when most of the other Sim Var changes are received. Sim Vars depend upon the sim engine all being geared up and running, whilst the events signal actions the sim is taking. Sounds like the A320X is taking a longer time to load. Why not use the proper indication of an aircraft change, 32FC? I realise you probably then need to see the aircraft name, but at least you can be ready for it. (Of course, an aircraft reload might signal an aircraft load event too, so you can't wait indefinitely for an aircraft name change. Put a time limit on that. But at least it won't be a delay on new aircraft loading. Check the logs yourself, see when the AIR file is logged compared with the aircraft name. 0x3D? Is that just a typo here, not in your program, I hope? Pete
  10. RWY Bumping Sound

    My room is only 11 feet wide, 16 feet long. I originally had a 10' flat screen with one projector. The cockpit is a 738, sitting squarely in the middle, there's just enough room to walk around it between it and the screen. I've not heard of "warpalizer". Does that do the same sort of job as Fly Elise? The NatVis "Tri-view" software is the same as Fly Elise -- same program, it seems, just customised for different companies. There's another using it too: Black Widow Simulations. But three of those, I think? Pete
  11. Unable to register

    Not for FSUIPC5. Sorry. Did you get a discount on P3D4 from having previous versions (including FSX, a clear predecessor)? FSUIPC4 has been continually upgraded and improved over 11 years (so far) with never any fee for an 'upgrade'. This time it was felt by all involved to be a time for a proper renewal. Pete
  12. Unable to register

    You posted this in the FAQ subforum! That, like the other subforums, is a repository for information, not a place to post support requests! Please ALWAYS post support requests here, the Support Forum. That is what it is for! FSUIPC5 needs a new purchased key. You can't use your FSUIPC4 key. Pete
  13. Well, I certainly get 1 in 060C for both of those in FSX-SE. So either Dovetail Games fixed some sort of very odd bug in SimConnect (which is very unikely, to be honest), or there's something odd going on in your system. Can you go to the Logging tab in FSUIPC options, and set 060C as type U8 in the "monitor" section on the right, then check "Normal Log". Try those aircraft and show me the results in the FSUIPC4.LOG, please. If they also show 2 then it must be SimConnect, somehow, but if they show 1 then you'd better show me your Lua plug-in so I can take a look. Pete
  14. Losing settings on FSUIPC

    Hang on. You devices aren't connected direct to the PC, but via a poered hub? The "hubs" I'm talking about are the ones on your motherboard. Device manager -> Universal Serial Bus controllers, then check EVERY device listed. Here I have 19 entries. Now some of those don't have a "Power Management" tab in their right-click properties. But ALL of those with "hub" in their name does -- 12 of them in my case. Sorry, I don't know what you mean by this. The rest seems okay. Normal things used by many folks with no problems at all. And you said: So, what changed? Maybe your powered hub is now failing, disconnecting occasionally? Maybe the device itself is failing. Try plugging the device directly into the PC. Pete