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  1. AS16+FSUIPC

    I start UT2 in FSUIPC. It works fine. The "RunIf" should detect it if you start if in the EXE.XML -- provided it is established by the time FSUIPC checks for it -- but there's no point in having it in the FSUIPC list if you don't remove it from the EXE.XML, is there? The FSUIPC entry cannot do anything with it at all. Its options only apply to programs it starts. No. Pete
  2. Version 4.968 of MakeRunways is now released, fixing this problem. Pete
  3. Please tell me what you actually want to do, first. You seem to be making it much more complex that you should need to. For example, why have button operations dependent on another switch or button? Momentary buttons are quite normal and should present no problems. If you state the actual problem you are trying to solve, rather than present a "solution" to something I don't understand, I could help. Pete
  4. Interim update 4.955h is now available, and includes the fix for the problem,. Pete
  5. Wow! PFC have a UK dealer at long last! Shame they are all the way over in Norfolk. If they were nearer I'd go visit them! Anyway, I've bookmarked that site -- may come in useful in the future. Pete
  6. Thanks for letting me know! It looks exactly like one I used to have, but which then was serial port connected. My driver PFDFSX.DLL was used with it. Basically the same system is also used in my PFC 737NG cockpit. Just the controller in the box is moved into the centre console and drives the radios etc too. Pete
  7. Sending the keystrokes from a separately running thread or process works, but using ALT in any FSUIPC assignments doesn't work consistently well. As soon as ALT is sent the keyboard input transfers to Windows' menu system. The only really wworable way of doing it with FSUIPC is to send the keystrokes from a Lua plug-in. They run in their own threads so can continue when the keyboard focus disappears from the main foreground thread. I do not know of any way of doing it whilst withing the main FS thread, sorry. You'd need a Lua plug-in or a separate process outside of FS, even to interpret mouse clicks and send as ALT combinations. Many of the "events" take a parameter. To start with, all of those named with "SET" at the end -- those SET the parameter as the value identified. This is how Axis events work, for example, for aileron, elevator, rudder, brakes, throttle, mixture and prop pitch. In the case of an event such as the aircraft exits and engine selection the parameter would identify which one. Pete
  8. P3D and fsuipc conflict?

    No, not possible. The reason FSUIPC is not loading is simply that your missing roaming folder for P3D would contain the DLL.XML file which tells P3D which add-on modules to load. I've no idea how your system can get corrupted when it is switched off for days, but you might start looking at the possibility of bad hardware, like a failing disk or motherboard. Pete
  9. In FSUIPC itself, in the drop-down assignment lists, the FS/P3D entries are almost all obtained at run-time directy from the tables in CONTROLS.DLL, a module of FS/P3D. Some older ones are added to the list, as also are a large number of FSUIPC-specific controls (of which there's a list in the FSUIPC Advanced User's guide) and entries for any Macros and Lua files present. The published list in document form is a static rendition of the list from CONTROLS.DLL and may not reflect the current versions of FSX and P3D at all times -- especially not P3D of course, which is still being developed. I try to remember to update it if I notice any significant additions. Not all controls are guaranteed to work or even do what they say. I remember some were even named in reverse, wrongly (small vs large increments, for instance), and some date back to FS98 or FS2000 and code for them got dropped in later versions but the controls not deleted from the internal tables -- maybe because their poisitions in the table had numerica significance. Sorry, but that is an assumption which isn't necessarily true. The ALT key is probably detected directly, not via code detecting it and looking it up in a table then sending the relevant event. Don't forget it is a standard Windows Menu function for ALT+ some letter to automatically select a menu item with that letter designated as its shortcut. This applies in FS just as much as in other programs featuring a standard Windows menu setup. Yes, it doesn't appear to do anything. Maybe they were thinking about making it assignable, but that idea fell by the wayside. Right. Using A:values in the XML is similar to using offsets in FSUIPC. Can you not write to them also? If so you could implement a Parking Brake On and Parking Brake Off, as you can with FSUIPC offsets. Pete
  10. My own code. Just a sequence of "sprintf" formatting sections. I don't like XML at all. It's over-verbose and cumbersome/complicated, which is one reason, but a bigger reason is that one little error in its syntax often makes the whole lot invalid. I only made the XML files because folks asked for them. Don't know "JSON". Pete
  11. Seems I need to do " ' < and > too! Pete
  12. I've looked at this. It is very complex. The USB class number seems to be the only differentiator, and I can find no way of reading that except by referring to yet another part of the Registry, which is very obscurely somehow related to the stuff I'm reading. I was hoping I could read it from the USB interface itself -- it must be there someplace, but I'm blowed if I can find it. Really, with class "0xff" ("vendor specific") I don't know why it is coming through when I'm only inquiring about HID devices only. Seems a bit of an oddity in Windows to me. So, i'm going to leave it as it is for now. If I do come across anything more specific and easier to implement I'll look again. Pete
  13. So that's how to include a textual & in an XML file? If so, that's all I needed, thanks. BTW what does the "amp; part supposed to mean? Seems quite complicated compared to, say, C's method fo for exaple including textual \ using \\. Pete
  14. Can't Install FSUIPC all version

    Two things to do: 1. Version 62607 of FSX-SE is out of date. Log into Steam and get it updated. The current version is 62615. 2. If you still get a reported SimConnect not found error (which updating FSX should fix), then you'll need to find the SimConnect.msi installer, in the FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK folder and double-click it to install it. Pete