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  1. Everything has been deleted

    Ah, so you haven't disabled controllers in P3D? It's not a good idea to mix assignments in both FS/P3D and FSUIPC. Both FS and P3D have a habit of making automatic assignments sometimes. Then you'll get two inputs from the same controls and buttons, often conflicting. You should always assign only in one or the other, and if in FSUIPC disable controllers completely in P3D. If this hasn't affected you before you've been lucky. The really odd thing, though, is that you have the spoillers assigned to the same device as the toe brakes (as well as on two other devices). Does your pedal set have a spare lever you've assigned for this? Seems rather odd. You shouldn't need to reassign everything, although seeing that you have so many duplicate assignments, probably unwanted, it might not be a bad idea. However, if you tell FSUIPC to assign letters then it will do, automatically replacing the IDs in at least the assignments to devices 0 and 2, the two you have listed at present. Then, if these are wrong, you only need to change the letters over manually in the [JoyNames] section. As it is at present, since there's no known device 1, those assignments won't get lettered. If you only ever have those two devices then you might as well delete those assignment lines. But implement the lettering first. It's easy to do -- just one line to change: Set that to Yes. Pete
  2. Problem mapping buttons for keystrokes

    No. Such a keystroke in impossible. 10 is not a character on any keyboard so has no keystroke code. I think you are referring to the bug in P3Dv3 which produces a 10 on screen where there should be a 0. Try 0. I think this is fixed in the latest update for P3D. If not it soon will be. Pete
  3. Everything has been deleted

    On the contrary, that is probably precisely the reason. Each time to reconnect them it is quite possible that they will be assigned a different ID. FSUIPC relies on the IDs to tie the devices to your assignments. Windows assigns IDs on some basis depending on which sockets they connect to and what order it sees them. Looking at your settings: You have a Yoke as ID 2 and pedals as ID 0. In your assignments you have many to device 0, which isn't (now) attached. Just for now looking at the profile you used last, PMDG: You have here assignments to devices 0, 1, and 2. Judging by the axis assignments, here: You have two assignments to the main aircraft yoke controls -- devices 1 and 2, and 3 assignments to spoilers seemingly on the same device (pedals) as the toe brakes! But no rudder assignment? If you want to be able to unplug and plug devices in to your heart's conent, you need to tell FSUIPC to use letters instead of numerical IDs. It will then match them up by name -- the only time it would then have trouble is if you had several identically named devices. There's a chapter in the User Guide about this. Look up Joy Letters. Oh, and version 4.957b is out of date and unsupported now. Please install the current version, 4.957c. Pete
  4. Problem mapping buttons for keystrokes

    You don't need to delete them -- when you change the assignment, the new assignment replaces the old one. I suspect you still have controllers enabled in FS. That's a recipe for trouble. You should either assign everything in FS, or everything in FSUIPC. In the latter case it is best to disable controllers altogether in FS, otherwise it may at some stage perform automatic reassignment, to confusing and unwanted results. You can do, though the normal way would be do do it in the Buttons tab in FSUIPC options. That's what the "Clear" buttons there are for. No. They are sequence numbers only, and need not be consecutive. They determine the order when a sequence of assignments, or conditions, are programmed. The numbers will get re-used if you make further assignments. Pete
  5. offset default B 737

    The default aircraft have no control for the wipers. Pete
  6. Everything has been deleted

    You only showed part of the INI file, just for the KingAir, which seems unlikely to be a 737! You'll need to show the complete INI file, and the FSUIPC4.LOG, please. The LOG would show me whether FSUIPC loaded okay and was the correct version, and also what the Aircraft name was, and the rest of the INI would show the Profile allocations. Be sure you updated to the latest version (4.957c at least) of FSUIPC, as earlier ones will not work with P3D 3.4. The usual reasons folks find assignments not working are: * The profile where the assignments are made does not include the aircraft you loaded, * The control devices have been removed and reconnected, causing the Joystick ID numbers to change. Pete
  7. FSUIPC.log is not actual

    Good! Glad you got it sorted! Pete
  8. Okay. Evidently, when deleting in preparation for adding afresh, I'm not deleting the previous Tab. I'll fix it in the next release. I'll remove all tabs beforehand before inserting the new tab+text, so it will revert to the way it should be! Thanks, Pete
  9. FSUIPC.log is not actual

    The installer only updates the program itself, and the documentation. It changes nothing else. I don't think IVAO uses FSUIPC. To see if FSUIPC isrunning check the Add-Ons menu, see if FSUIPC options are there. Old? Perhaps you started FS 3 minutes before you looked? If you mean older than the LOG, then either you are looking in the wrong place (not the Modules folder within the FS installation you are using), or you are not running FSUIPC at all. It ALWAYS starts a new LOG and updates the INI as soon as it loads. More likely you are looking in the wrong place. Run the latest installer. That will at least ensure it starts running when you load FS. Then if you still have a problem, show me the Install log -- you can always find that as it is placed next to the Installer, wherever you put it. Pete
  10. Okay. Thanks. I do get depressed sometimes. I actually left employment when I was 36, starting my own software business with a more outgoing friend who was good at marketing and devising projects. I've always been a programmer only, really, leaving ICL when microcomputers became available -- the Commodore Pet was my first, on which I developed a word processor called WordCraft. Later, when my eyesight problems stopped me getting a pilot's license I got into flight simulation., writing software for FS4, FS5 FSW95, FS98 before FSUIPC, which was freeware, as it was a hobby. The company we formed stopped making enough money to pay me anymore a bit before FS9 appeared, so I was on the point of looking for a job instead of continuing FSUIPC when others suggested asking for donations. I did, but that paid almost nothing, certainly not enough to survive, so that's when FSUIPC went payware. It's been full time (apart from holidays) since. So I have my ups and my downs. Pete
  11. TimeForLuaClosing

    I didn't even know it used .Net Framework. I'm pretty sure FSX and FSX-SE don't. I use AS16 with P3D, loaded and closed via the FSUIPC4.INI, and it doesn't crash or hang on termination here. Do you have its DLL loading AFTER FSUIPC4 in the DLL.XML file? If not try moving it. I know there can be problems with FSUIPC getting WX radar details if they are the wrong way around. The latest FSUIPC4 installer makes sure this is right, and I think the AS16 one does too. Pete
  12. Rarely appreciated..... NOT!

    Thank you very much! It is really very encouraging to get such positive feedback now and then. I must admit I do go through rather depressive stages when I think about throwing in the towel, but so far they've all passed. So, thank you again. Regards Pete
  13. Ah, good. Thanks for testing. I don't know what causes that. I cannot make it happen on either of my systems here, in FSX-SE or P3D, but my friend Ray was getting this problem, which is why I started experimenting with ways around it. The separate Client helped, but didn't actually solve it. He eventually solved the problem by disabling the time sync option in FSUIPC. Seems his system is running at a different clock rate to FS and the time was being reset at intervals -- only by seconds, but somehow this must have been enough to mess up the traffic notifications. That was with FSX-MS though. Sorry, I don't know. I use UT2 together with MyTraffic6, and have not noticed a problem specifically. I do know that if you reload a flight or even just "refresh scenery" (there's a control for that) the AI Traffic can get re-generated and produce duplicates. I've had up to 3 AI aircraft sharing gates -- actually drawn inside each other! Pete
  14. FSUIPC.log is not actual

    Sorry, but i really cannot support old versions. Current is 4.957c. Version 4.853 is now many versions and at least four years out of date! In the Log file? Or the date of the Log file itself? Is the INI file also old? Are you sure FSUIPC is even running? Please update to a current version. Pete
  15. Not sure what you mean by this, but I'm pleased you got it sorted! Pete