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  1. It is RGB, but the colour is encoded as 12 bits per pixel, not 24, so only 4 bits each, not 8 which your 255 would need. So 6C0 = 6 of Red, 12 of Green, no Blue. Pete
  2. Version 4.959 itself (not the later interim updates) did have an error in one of the Version fields still saying it was 4.958. However, that was corrected in all of the subsequent interim updates (the DLLs only, no installer). Pete
  3. Hi Bob, Any success with that q version of FSUIPC 4.959? I'd like to know before releasing 4.96, hopefully later tomorrow. Thanks, Pete
  4. Not according to the crash report -- or is your system date set incorrectly?: Look: Source: Application Error Date: 23/01/2017 09:09:10 Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: CathalsPC Description: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5851bfd2 Faulting module name: FSUIPC4.dll_unloaded, version:, time stamp: 0x5857240f I cannot support LINDA myself. Crashes in LINDA.exe have to be dealt with by their support. This might be the DX problem already reported in the L-M forums. I suspect LINDA crashing left some device or other in a strange state. Loading with the n version can still fail if the previous session crashed. Precisely how and why this happens is still unknown, but by all reports if the crashes at the end of session which were occurring with 4.959 + LINDA are fixed, then it is okay ever after. Sometimes crashes on exit go unnoticed. The crash you reported in your first post was actually before FSUIPC was loaded ("FSUIPC_unloaded"), not the crash on exit. To find those you'd need to look further back still in the logs list, and those would certainly be before the n release because even this morning's was, as shown above! Pete
  5. You are not actually testing with FSUIPC 4.959n according to the crash report which is dated 3 days later than the n release -- by then the incorrect version 4,9,5,8 shown in such reports was corrected to show 4,9,5,914, the 14 signifying n. Please replace the DLL with the later version before testing! Pete
  6. Thanks for the feedback. There are definitely others with similar problems. Pete
  7. Oh, I use ProATC/X too. What messages are too long? If it's the clearance or taxi instructions, which obviously vary in length, then this isn't part of the menu but its it the normal test window , w2 ="FSX Text", WND_FIXED, 0,0,1024,100) wnd.backcol(w2, 0xfff) wnd.textcol(w2, 0x000) wnd.font(w2, WND_ARIAL, 10, WND_BOLD) I see you already have the font much smaller than that for the other two windows (10 rather than 17), so i suppose you don't have scope to reduce it further? Why not try changing this parameter, so it splits the line earlier? x = 80 --my example of how many characters you want, max After all, this was only my 'example'. If you want to split it further you need rather more complex code, maybe, for three lines, replace this: mycopy = msgs[1] --make a copy for me to use len = string.len(mycopy) if len > x then --need to split mycopy = string.sub(mycopy,1,x) .. "\r" .. string.sub(mycopy, x+1) end by this: mycopy = msgs[1] --make a copy for me to use len = string.len(mycopy) if len > x then --need to split mycopy2 = string.sub(mycopy, x+1) len = string.len(mycopy2) if len > x then --need to split again! mycopy2 = string.sub(mycopy2,1,x) .. "\r" .. string.sub(mycopy2, x+1) end mycopy = string.sub(mycopy,1,x) .. "\r" .. string.sub(mycopy2, x+1) end I haven't been able to test this (my cockpit is not up at present), but it looks okay. If not you should be able to see what it is trying to do and fix it yourself. Scrolling is possible, using code which keeps displaying from one later in the string, via another timer in another function. but that's even more complicated. If you fancy that, why not have a go? Pete
  8. Your FSUIPC is way out of date! Download and install the latest version. Please always check you are using a current version before asking for support! Pete
  9. The messages are just as they are. If they don't fit, they don't fit. What GSX messages are the problem? I have never had a problem reading them. Is your window very small. BTW you seem to have quoted something from me completely disconnected from your question, and there is no "code above". Pete
  10. It's there on my system. FSUIPC gets the list from FS or P3D. What version of FS/P3D are you using and, more importantly, what version of FSUIPC? Pete
  11. Surely it doesn't look "obscure", it is pretty well self-expnatory, and similar to the similar window entries you get in FSX.CFG and Prepar3D.CFg. It saves the position of the last Lua plug-in display window you had showing. At some stage you had some plug-in creating such a window -- LINDA maybe? Or something else you used? And if you want to change them you'd need to do it before starting P3D, and even then they'll probably be overridden by the display plug-in, especially if they are invalid like all 0's. Pete
  12. Assuming the flight you are loading actually was saved with a more 'usual' view, it sounds like you have some incorrect assignment somewhere. Mate you using CH's control program, or are the CH devices only acting directly into FS/FSUIPC? Try enabling event both button and event logging on FSUIPC's Logging tab. You'll need to do that then restart FS so that the log starts off with those set. Show me the log after, and also your settings (the INI file). Both are in the Modules folder. Pete
  13. I found one little suspicious bit of code which I've "fixed", or so I think (the code is old and so am I!). Can you try this test version please? Pete
  14. You'd need to re-create the file every time, doing the open, write and close all together. Pete
  15. Hmmm. I'll have another look, but the code has simple comparisons. Can you show me a HidScanner log, please? (HidScanner is in the Download Links subforum, in the additional programs thread). Also a Log with this preset in ithe INI file [General] section: Debug=Please LogExtras=x200000 In problems reported before with multiple Bodnar boards, we found that the GUIDs are not permanently associated with a specific one, but more a specific connection (i.e. USB port), so swapping two connections over was completely undetectable by software. I assume it is Windows assigning these according to socket or order of detection This sort of destroys the point of having letters assigned. I'll get back to you when I've looked at the code again. Pete