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  1. The controls listed in FSUIPC are the FSX controls. with some sophisticated add-ons like those from PMDG, many of those will not ewrok because they implement their own systems. They DO publish an SDK, which is already included in your aircraft folder, in which most of their switches are usable via special "custom controls". They are listed towards the end of the file of type .h. you need to search for the switches you need to operate, work out the control number, then assign it in FSUIPC to <custom control>, and enter the number you arrive at. Sorry, I cannot be more specific. I do not use any PMDG aircraft. Pete
  2. For VB.NET you should be using Paul Henty's Client DLL for .NET. It makes your task much easier. I've moved your question to his sub-forum. Pete
  3. I've added the new Active Sky weather values to both FSUIPC 4 and 5. They are included in FSUIPC 4.971 and FSUIPC 5.112, both just released. The offsets are documented in the included Changes document, and actually follow on from those listed in the ASN Wx Radar document already installed in the FSUIPC Documents folder. Pete
  4. FSUIPC Versions 4.971 and 5.112, both just released, include new offsets providing data about the nearest AI aircraft. The offsets are documented in the "Changes" PDF included in the download ZIP. Note that the range values for these are separate, as they were actually supplied before: 736C for ground and 736E for airborne, both 16-bit integers. They are the values used for the title bar information in the recent version of TrafficLook. Pete
  5. They are standard FS controls. How individual aircraft react to them in up to them. All aircraft I know of, and especially all Boeings, have just the one OBS which is used for VOR NAV radial Selection and the ILS Localiser. There are certainly not separate values implemented for the two almost identical radio aid facilities. The ILC LOC facility takes the place of the VOR radial facility when you tune an ILS frequency rather than a VOR one. You never have both operating together for that reason. Pete
  6. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM! Please ALWAYS post Support Questions to the Support Forum! Offset 0374 is not supported in any revent FS or P3D versions. I don't think a method was provided for that. Did you search through the list of G1000 controls? If there's nothing there, then you could try enabling FSUIPC Event logging, then operate the button in the cockpit and see if any control is logged for it. Pete
  7. As you said, I can't really do anything with the crash log. I'm pleased that you've had so much success in any case, and as I said, I'm surprised that you can manage such long flights in any case. My impression from reading the Forums is that it is quite rare to get such flights done without a crash at some time. that's why autosave is so popular. I don't get crashes at all, but then I enjoy takeoff and landing, not cruising, so I fly 737 on short routes of max 2 hrs and usually 1 hr or less (cruise). It often takes longer to plan the flight and prepare the cockpit, and taxi about at large airports and queue (realistically) behind a few AI aircraft for takeoff! If I want to reach an airport a long way from base I plan a series of hops via interim airports, and re-boot the system between each leg for safety. The close log gets a long way through closing everything down. My best guess from the log is that one of the Lua threads didn't manage to properly close its dealings with a device before FSUIPC Terminated. The last thing FSUIPC did was to close the "Global" Lua thread, which is the one supporting Global variables. I know LINDA uses these a lot to share data. With the Global thread closed it would get "nil" returned to any query, so possibly there's a place in their code where this isn't checked. Though that shouldn't cause a crash -- unless it was used as a parameter for some Windows API call, or a call to one of its other DLLs dealing with devices. I've now got a couple of other facilities to sort out in FSUIPC5 (and 4) before I release an update. It'll probably be 5.112. Pete
  8. Ah, again you remind me at a bad time. Sorry, but the next 9 days I'm fully occupied with guests here, helping with technical issues -- one all the way from Melbourne in Australia and the other from Ireland, and not long after I'm away for 3 weeks in the USA. Nevertheless if i get a chance to look at it I will. Otherwise ask again mid- to kate Sepptember. BTW Rather than have copies made of those details, wouldn't just an offset giving the table entry number for the nearest be better? Also, the finding the nearest with them all moving all the time (and you also of course) would not always give the truly correct result. I'd only want to check at intervals. Pete
  9. Odd, as in the FSUIPC you have I now save the previous Log as FSUIPC5_Prev.Log. Pete
  10. After 13h? No, I don't think so! I've never heard of anyone having a session lasting that long in any case! That's increadible! Try doing than in FSX or P3D3! How did the FSUIPC5.LOG end? Pete
  11. You need to supply more information, lke: 1. Actual version number of FSUIPC5. 2. Whether you ASSIGN throttles in FSUIPC or in P3D. 3. If you assign in FSUIPC, what do you assign to (name of control)? 4. If you assigned in FSUIPC, did you disable controllers in P3D? 4. Are you calibrating in FSUIPC? If so did you follow all the numbered steps? Did you only assign one throttle? You sy nothing happens when you push "the throttle"? Both, or only one? Changing aircraft won't hcange what throttles do unless you are using profiles already. PMDG are much more problematic. You probably won't be able to do the same things on those as with default aircraft. That's where profiles come in, so you can have different settings for different aircraft. Pete
  12. Actually, I was thinking of a tool for MakeRwys and ADE to be able to use, something which provides an easily readable decode. Pete
  13. Why, is this Aerosystem a built-in DLL, withingP3D4, like FSUIPC? Or an external 64-bit program? Are you the author? If so, just compile it with the SimConnect.lib file provided in the P3D4 SDK, and it will interface directly. If your program is 32-bit, then it can use any of the heritage SimConnect.dlls as installed with P3D1 and of course FSX, FSX-SE and ESP. Pete
  14. In P3D3 I can capture the SimConnect style menus, like those from GSX and ProATC/X, but never the default ATC. With P3D4 I am waiting for L-M to implement suitable facilities, which are sort of half-promised. Whether they'll also cover the default ATC is unlikely, however, as the easiest implementation would be to intercept and pass on the data from the SimConnect calls. Pete
  15. I don't think it works on my system. i'm not had much luck with any PMDG aircraft and so it is lucky I don't actually use any. Are the offsets adjacent or working as docyumented? Have I just made an error transferring their list, from the SDK .h document, to my documentation? The data provided is all there, it is all I get given by the aircraft code. It's just one Simconnect notification with a pointer to the data block which i simply copy into the offset space. So either it's a PMDG bug, or a documentation error on their part, or one on mine copying the stuff over and labelling them with offsets. In the latter case, if I have the sizes of any of the fields wrong and so miscalculated the offsets positions following, then everything after those would be worng. So that's where to chek first. If the result of your check is that it is one of the first two possibilities, then you need to report it to PMDG. I'm going to be a bit too busy this week, but letme know if it is my error and i will fix the document. Pete