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  1. I am starting this thread to note primarily small (hopefully easy) fixes that would improve the KATL add-on. I am happy for others to make their own observations, but please do keep to the subject. If you see something wrong in the add-on, note it (preferably with a screenshot). I just wanted to make it easy for Vic to see. -Tower height needs to be raised a bit. See my other post with photos/screenshots about this thread: -Planes approaching Runway 8L clip the trees off the end of the runway just before touchdown. This is very hard to get a good screenshot of because it is so far away (really needs to be a video), but I will try when I get a chance. -Downtown Atlanta appears to have been nuked! The Atlanta skyline really needs to be present north of the airport for things to look right. I assume that this was a performance sacrifice, but I wanted to make a suggestion. The city is about 8 miles from KATL as the crow flies. It does not look nearly as large from here IRL, as it does in many pictures/postcards that you may have seen, which are usually taken with a telephoto lens zoomed in all the way. There just needs to be a smallish clump of distant skyscrapers along the horizon. The shot below (from the tower looking over the North cargo ramp) should give a good idea, and even this view would be the view at full zoom in the game. Maybe it is asking too much (I do understand that you have to declare it finished at some point), but it would be a nice touch, just to offer a hint of human life out there ;-). What do you think VIc? Would it affect performance much? If so I understand.
  2. That's cool, John. Yep, KBOS will be neat. Also coming up (based on Vics comments) are KLAS, KSFO, KLGA(Simulated Designs), and probably EDDF (strongly hinted at by Vic, but not confirmed that Nyerges is working on this). All five of these airports have some level of cross runway action, but each in very different ways. With these releases, I think it is safe to say that Tower3DPro will be coming into its prime, and it will gradually begin to have something that is reminiscent of the vast playing field we now have with Tower2011. Andrew
  3. Just checked. KATL texture pack is 7. Andrew
  4. Hmmm.... I know that's frustrating, Bill. Clearly something has gone wrong in the process, as others here do not have this problem. I just don't know what. Hopefully, Vic will see this and have some suggestions of his own. I am just a fellow user, and do not represent FeelThere. 1. Did you have RT/RC working before with any other airports? 2. Without RT/RC was KATL running normally with fake airliners in fake liveries? 3. Did you buy Tower3DPro from FeelThere's website, or via Steam (Do not know that this makes any difference) just trying to establish facts for Vic. 4. You could always try uninstalling the whole game and reinstalling everything, but I know what a pain that is. It may be better to wait for Vic to respond. Perhaps start a new thread with "Attn: Vic" in the title, and copy paste the relevant posts from this threat so that will more quickly see that you need help. Best regards, Andrew
  5. By all means. Do also see the post on "KATL operations" that I put up yesterday. I am updating it as I come up with additional thoughts. Andrew
  6. Hi Bill. If you are seeing TA or other default airlines, then either you did not install RT correctly (should be installed to root directory of Pro) , or you installed an older version (file should be named be RT_Tower3D_Pro_sp3). If I recall, it seems like one of the download links still had the older version, but the other did not. Could you have accidentally downloaded the version for the standard Tower 3D? For RC, make sure that you pointed the installer to Tower3DPro/Extensions/Airplanes folder. Double check everything. Hope this helps. Andrew
  7. Thanks Dick. I look forward to whatever developments you have in store for SC. Andrew
  8. Enjoy! I am having so much fun with KATL, but I am still rooting for EGLL for you. Even if it is yet another parallel setup, I am realizing that in 3D, the differences between the airports really come alive. With Tower2011, after KATL came out, I never really bothered with KLAX again, but with Tower3D the atmospheres between the two are completely different, I am sure I will be coming back to KLAX soon. EGLL with its double perimeter taxiway would also make for a very different strategic situation, more like KJFK than either of the other two. Nevertheles,s KLAS and KBOS should bring some welcome cross-runway action soon. The future is looking bright :-) Andrew
  9. Not that I have any grounds to ask it of you (you have given so much to this community already, and it is much appreciated), but it would be really great of you could add these aircraft to SC soon, even if it was just in the form of a small update that did not cover new airports. Best regards, Andrew
  10. Right on Craig. Yes I too wish FeelThere and Nyerges would work together more closely to better integrate their products, or at least to explain the system more clearly to new-comers. Several times, I have hesitated to recommend Tower3DPro to friends/colleagues who are into aviation just because there is so much trial an error purchasing, installing, and tinkering needed in order get it functioning the way it should. I don't mind it so much personally, having come all the way through Tower2011 and Tower3D, but I know several people who would enjoy seeing and playing it on my computer, but who simply would not have the time or patience to wade through the forum and go through process of figuring out all the ins and outs. It is something FeelThere really needs to work on for the next version if they want to expand their customer base. Andrew
  11. Agreed 100%. I love how I can even pause in the middle of a phrase, say if I forget which taxiway I want to use, and then continue without having to start over. Really beautiful.
  12. TA? isn't that one of the default airlines? Sounds like you forgot to update Real Traffic before installing RC. Go back to your original purchase link for RT and download the newest version. PS. It's not just you. It is rather large :-) I do find myself needing to reduce the percentage of traffic flow when not using an SC schedule. Andrew
  13. I have had Tower3D Pro since release. Most of the time voice has been pretty stable for me. What I do see frequently is that it does not always function well at the start of a session. Don't know if it is performance lag on may machine, or something else, but I find that often it will not work for the first minute or two, and then it will suddenly start working and continue to do so flawlessly for the rest of the session. Stranger still, it does not do this consistently each time I play; seems like about half the time it starts out just fine. Andrew
  14. I hear you Craig. I only bought a couple of the Tower2011 RCs because so little of the liveries was actually visible in a top down view (especially ones like DAL). With 3D, it definitely adds a lot more to the experience. However, after you have a few, there is less and less impetuous to buy RC's for all the newer add-ons, but I am glad that it is set up the way it is (the packs add together cumulatively). It is easy for me to imagine a less scrupulous developer making livery packs that ONLY worked with the airport they were designed for, so that you basically had to buy everything over and over again if you wanted coverage at each airport. That would have been a true rip-off. What we have here is reasonable to me, since each customer can pick and choose how complete he wants his livery collection to be. I can fully see how if someone just now discovered and bought Tower3D, and was especially interested in, say, KATL, they might purchase that one and perhaps 1 or two more. In our case, since we were here from the start, we did it the other way around (KLAX and KJFK cover the vast majority of aircraft at KATL, KSAN, and KPHL). No big deal. As for a few white planes, I have said it before and will say it again. IRL it is quite common to see a few of them out an about at a major airport. I see them at KATL quite often (usually cargo planes on temporary lease to other carriers, DOJ prisoner transports, or various charters). Really no big deal to me. Just my 2 cents. Andrew
  15. Thanks Ricky. The Pilatus is a nice touch. Gabor should have added a FedEx Feeder C208 Grand Caravan too. They fly out of ATL every day:-). Andrew