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  1. Well, I noticed that in the new KATL they broke each terminal into north and south sections, so that creates a little more user control, but I do not think the game mechanics allow for changing things around at the gate level. Andrew
  2. Cool! Have fun. We won't get the totality over here,either, but it should certainly be close enough to be pretty noticeable, unless of course the weather refuses to cooperate. Actually thought about making a quick trip over to Greenville, SC myself, but its a school day for my kid, and eclipse or not, it would not be an approved absence. In my book they should declare it an official holiday, considering how rare it is. I miss the good old days when school did not start until after Labor Day... Andrew
  3. Hey, we have to keep ourselves entertained somehow. :-) Andrew
  4. Nice. I heard a rumor that all aircraft will be flown exclusively by volunteer flight simmers. That way, they do not have to pay for pilots. Apparently, they have been in extended negotiations with the Trump administration, which has agreed to lift the "ridiculous and bureaucratic" requirement that pilot's be licensed. This will be done in conjunction with the privatization of the air traffic control system, which will also be operated by FeelThere customers working from home and using Tower3D Pro (see the "Pro" really does mean something) as the central user interface for controlling. Thus, FeelThere is really going to have get cracking on creating more add-on airports. Sign me up. It's going to be a wild ride! Andrew
  5. Cool. I am guessing that FeelThere has developed its own global flightsim platform that fully integrates with Tower3D, Tracon, and Tower2011. The only downside is that the city of Atlanta is not modeled in 3D, while all other cities are ;-) Sorry, I just could not resist. Andrew
  6. That's funny. I never even noticed it, since I always use voice now. Andrew
  7. No comment with hot sauce. FeelThere is stepping up its game :-) Andrew
  8. Thanks, Andrew
  9. I really wish we could get this bug taken care of, Vic. In my view it is that largest problem with the KATL add-on. Any insight you could share would be helpful. Andrew
  10. Vic has stated in the past that KSFO is on the list of upcoming add-ons. However, KLAS and KBOS are slated to be next. Andrew
  11. Technically, it should be possible, but Frontier Flight is the airline's actual radio callsign, presumably to prevent it from being confused with other callsigns during radio transmisions. I would imagine that similar complications might arise over VR as well. Have you tried using Frontier Flight, or was that what was causing the problem in the first place? Andrew
  12. Odd. Never had a problem with that one. Just too be sure we are on the same page, you are saying "Frontier Flight" and not "Frontier"? Andrew
  13. To this, add one more: #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 It gets rid of the cumbersome "Delta 2143, Runway 26L. Taxi via Echo." Now you can just say "Delta 2143, Runway 26L via Echo." To me, at least, this is much more intuitive. I have tested it and it works perfectly. Andrew
  14. Thanks for the update, I do hope we can sort out the issue with the heavies in time as well. Andrew
  15. Yes. FeelThere does not generally issue SPs as separate downloads. Each time one is released, one must redownload the game from the original link provided at the time of purchase and either install it on top of the already installed version (usually works fine), or do a full uninstall reinstall (as recommended by Feel There. Andrew