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  1. Vacate Runway; Runway too short error

    I will try to generate one, next time I see it, but the .bat file does not usually run on my machine. However, there are multiple logs posted in the thread mentioned above. See: Andrew
  2. Vacate Runway; Runway too short error

    Thanks Craig. Searched but missed that thread somehow. Andrew
  3. Hi guys, I know this issue has been mentioned a few times in different threads, but I wonder if FeelThere/Nyerges have seen it, or have a fix in the works. To summarize, commanding an arriving aircraft to "vacate runway (left/right) onto taxiway xxx" causes the sim to respond that it cannot and that the runway is too short. This command worked beautifully until a couple of months ago, and no longer does. It happens multiple airports (have not tested all of them, but have seen it at KLGA, KLAS, KBOS). Not sure whether it is connected with the most recent SP for Tower3DPro, or the most recent update to Nyerges RealTraffic. As I asked, have Vic and the developers acknowledged this issue yet, or do we need to document it with a log file? Andrew
  4. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #4 -- KLGA !!! FREE to the Community!

    Thank you!!!!! Very much looking forward to try this out. Andrew
  5. KLGA Released for Tower

    Who is "doing 30%" ? A couple of 3rd party sites have discounted some (not all) Tower3D products by 30%. So far, FeelThere has not discounted any Tower3D products in their sale, but they likely will later in the week and it those deals may or may not beat the deals on the 3rd party sites. We will just have to wait and see. Andrew
  6. Feel There BF Sale

    Keep watching, FeelThere has a long tradition of rolling out sale items a few at a time. Their best deals of their Black Friday sale usually happen later in the week. Occasionally, they have even been known to have one day sales on recent releases or especially popular items. Andrew
  7. KLGA Released for Tower

    Smart move. I doubt that KLGA will be discounted much, if any, simply because it is so new, but I would expect that Tower3D and Tower3D Pro will likely be discounted later in the week, along with some of the earlier add-ons. I can see that KLAS has already been discounted on one of the 3rd party sites, and I am waiting to see if FeelThere will beet them, and also perhaps discount KBOS. Time will tell :-) Andrew
  8. Different color - Arrival / departure

    Good question. Its hard to find many close ups. Here are a couple of shots that I found (not sure of exactly which systems each is):
  9. Tower3DPro taxi/Runway lights

    Well, the most obvious situation is if you begin a session very early in the morning, long before sunrise, it would be nice to be able to turn off the lights when you decide it is light enough. In the basic version of Tower3D, the lights were fully automated, but in the Pro version it was advertised that the controller is supposed to be able manage this him/herself, and decide exactly when to do this. It should be a simple on/off switch, leaving the user in complete control. Instead, the switch simply does not work if you begin a session when its dark. Again, it is not really a big problem, but I would like to be able to turn them on and off at will, as advertised. Ideally, the user should have different brightness settings available as well. IRL, in bad weather, the lights will be turned on to full blast to help pilots identify the runway as early as possible, while in clear weather, the lights are often dimmed a bit so as not to interfere with the pilots' vision. In fact, sometimes you will even hear pilots request that the lights be dimmed or brightened in certain situations. Obviously, that is beyond the intended scope of this version of the game, but for those of us who like to micromanage, it would be nice to have complete control over the switch. Perhaps a choice could even be added to settings, to make the lights either automated or manual. Andrew
  10. When Tower3DPro was released, one of the included features was the ability to manually turn on and off the runway lights. There is even a little button at the top of the dashboard for this purpose. However, the feature has always been somewhat wonky, and I am not certain if it is airport specific, as I have not tested it. Problem 1: At least in the past, if I started a session in the daytime, I could torn on and off the lights at will when it got dark, or at any other time. However, If I started a session at night, the lights were already on automatically from the beginning of the session, and I could not turn them off, even at dawn. Problem2: I have only noticed this at KLGA, but just had a sunset session there, and the lights came on automatically instead of waiting for me to turn them on. I have not tested this at other airports, so I am not sure if this is airport specific (Perhaps SimSmith needed to code something into the airport), or if the manual lighting feature in 3DPro was deactivated during an SP and I just failed to notice. It's not a big problem, but it would be nice if the manual lighting feature in 3D Pro could be tweaked to give the user full control at any time of day. Andrew
  11. Tower 3d Pro - Recommended headsets

    These have worked pretty well for me, but I got them cheap on a lightning deal from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FXS3NGQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Andrew
  12. Upgrade to Tower3D Pro from Tower3D

    I do not speak for FeelThere, but when the Pro version was first released, there was a limited time period (seems like it was 1 or 2 weeks) during which previous owners of Tower3D could buy the Pro version with a discount. That time has long passed. You should have received an email about this at the time (though only people who bought directly form FeelThere/ATCSuite were eligible). However, FeelThere usually has a big Black Friday (US Thanksgiving) sale, so I would expect that you can pick it up (along with some of the addons) at good discounts that way next week. Andrew
  13. Action Camera

    Thank you Vic for offering this insight. As always, it helps make sense of things from our end. Its also great to hear that there is hope for worldwide airports. I am glad that you did not pull the camera entirely, as there are occasional times that it comes in handy. I just hope that for the next version that the user will have more control of it. Regards, Andrew
  14. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    Which one is next?????? Andrew
  15. KLGA Issues #SimSmithDesign

    Strongly agree with Ventura. KLGA overall works great, and I have not encountered any real game stoppers - just the occasional issues with pushbacks as described above. Great job, SimSmith!!! I think KLGA was an excellent choice for their first airport. The more I play it, the more I realize how ideal this airport is for Tower3D. Depending on which runways are in use, there are some really interesting challenges to getting the tin from gate to runway and vice versa, without hitting each other. So much fun! I hope you guys will do KDCA one of these days!, as it has some similar challenges. Andrew