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  1. No, this picture is a rendition of the new LAX terminal that can be found in the article. To give FT a perspective. Not connected with what they have.
  2. Well as you can see, currently T3 is closed. I do have friends that work for LAX/Delta that have informed that it's the new Delta Skyway. Supposed to add more gates as well as the soon to be largest Delta Sky Club. Here are some articles I was pointed towards; might give you the information you're looking for. https://thepointsguy.com/news/delta-lax-sky-way-terminal-complex-early/#:~:text=The new Terminal 3 concourse,and connector by mid-2023.&text=The new Sky Way will,Delta's flights from Los Angeles. https://www.saifulbouquet.com/portfolio/los-angeles-international-airport-delta-terminal-3/
  3. What photos are you looking to get? New Tom Bradley West gates? American Eagle Ramp Terminal (Left out of Tower versions), Cargo / Private Jet Areas?
  4. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, it was just something noted and was surprised by.
  5. Apparently ZBAD has been released on FT going for half the price of a normal newly priced airport. Which actually initially made me feel a little skeptical about the airport. It honestly wasn’t on my radar to purchase but now more curious if FT feels like it might not perform as well as other “Hotter” airports did for the decrease in price. From the video and pics it’s looks really nice but I think I might hold off on this one until I hear feed back from others. Normally, once an airport comes out, seems like there’s always a hype on feed; looks like this one I was the first post. Thoughts?
  6. Yeah I did; since you and I both know that Hexzed works with the team and devs on developing new airports. So who wouldn't think that?
  7. Are you saying that it would be easy enough to complete the the top 10 list by mid year? I mean we have most of them but there are still a good few there even if Tower gets out an airport a month which they've been doing well in so far, but haven't seen too many this year though.
  8. Are Livery SPs still a thing anymore? We haven’t had one for a while. I know the devs have been working on the next version which I assume is most of the time. I feel like SPs was a good way for the community to remain involved on the forum and in updates to the game in a small way. Anyways, just curious; heard today Breeze Airways got cleared to start up flights this year. That would eventually be nice to see in game once official start dates are announced.
  9. KSMF or the new KSLC airport. A Mexico airport would be cool too (CUN, PVR, MEX)
  10. Until the next version of Tower is ready to go, it seems that there are a ton of international airports being created which is great news! Just keep in mind that there are some great airports just below the United States. Doesn't seem like FT has any airports in South America. It would be nice to see a change towards that region as well as to see some of those liveries too! Just a thought. Edit: If the individual could explain why my post is considered funny or laughable when it's a simple request like all others. I would like to know why.
  11. How do you know absolutely 100% for sure that EGLL is the next one being released? We all know it's in the pipe 5x5 but there are other airports I'm sure they are working on.
  12. You can right click on your download and go to open with excel if that's what you're trying to do.
  13. I second that! Gate level seems like a must for most on the wishlist. I know not every item on the list will be used but Gate level not being added in would be a big let down especially since it sounds like ideas are trying to be implemented.
  14. Please explain a bit more. When you say real traffic isn't working, what do you mean? Are all the planes white? Or only some of the planes? Follow up question, have you purchased the real color pack for KEWR?
  15. I re installed my real traffic, forgot to do it and it works. Have you tried updating your real traffic @maverick1989
  16. @maverick1989 Can you attach your "Output" log file on here to take a look at why your airports aren't working.
  17. EWR won't load for me either. I tried every hour all at 50% and gets to 63% which made start looking at the GA or airport files to see if there was anything accidently mis placed into it. Too bad I was excited for EWR.
  18. @ATC AlaskaGuy Please refer to the date on Vic's comment above. (May 22, 2018). That is an old post; an SP for KLAS already came out as Vic said in his comment (at that time) but I doubt that there will be yet another SP for KLAS any time soon. If you're having such issues with all of the airports in the game, simply don't play it. As Vic and others have talked about in other threads, they are focusing less on SPs and more on the next version. KATL is only a possibility at this point for them.
  19. Google could help ya out by a simple search. But if you are talking only in game liveries, then these are some that I remember got updated liveries besides those that are located in the Retro pack. (Only from my memory) Southwest, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Sun Country (738) Easyjet, Aerlingus, Luthtansa, Air Canada, Westjet, Spirit, Frontier, there was an updated livery for Volaris, Condor, and SAS got an update. I think this question is difficult because some updates were allocating just one aircraft because there was a new addition to the fleet like Frontier A20N. Where as some updates covered the entire fleet. My suggestion is just to go through them and create a list of your own.
  20. @WildCard Daniel, what software did you use in order to search to find the gate size limitations for each airport? Also when you did find it, where you able to edit gate size types? Mostly curious as I was playing for JFK gate sizes since most of the retros have flown in and out of there.
  21. We can't also forget that TP Gaming helped spill the beans posting several airports in the works on some of his Youtube channel videos that helps to confirm what Vic stated as well as some that Gabor could be working on!
  22. Like EliGrim said. Make sure you are using the correct plane for the repaint texture. The retro repaints are only for some of the plane types. It's not a generalized retro package for all airlines and for every plane type. It lists the specific plane types in @Pedantic G's main RC list that you can download via here : I'm pretty sure it also lists the different texture files you get on FT's website when purchasing the livery package. Hope that helps!
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