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  1. Google could help ya out by a simple search. But if you are talking only in game liveries, then these are some that I remember got updated liveries besides those that are located in the Retro pack. (Only from my memory) Southwest, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Sun Country (738) Easyjet, Aerlingus, Luthtansa, Air Canada, Westjet, Spirit, Frontier, there was an updated livery for Volaris, Condor, and SAS got an update. I think this question is difficult because some updates were allocating just one aircraft because there was a new addition to the fleet like Frontier A20N. Where as some updates covered the entire fleet. My suggestion is just to go through them and create a list of your own.
  2. @WildCard Daniel, what software did you use in order to search to find the gate size limitations for each airport? Also when you did find it, where you able to edit gate size types? Mostly curious as I was playing for JFK gate sizes since most of the retros have flown in and out of there.
  3. We can't also forget that TP Gaming helped spill the beans posting several airports in the works on some of his Youtube channel videos that helps to confirm what Vic stated as well as some that Gabor could be working on!
  4. Like EliGrim said. Make sure you are using the correct plane for the repaint texture. The retro repaints are only for some of the plane types. It's not a generalized retro package for all airlines and for every plane type. It lists the specific plane types in @Pedantic G's main RC list that you can download via here : I'm pretty sure it also lists the different texture files you get on FT's website when purchasing the livery package. Hope that helps!
  5. Me personally, I have KSEA and enjoy it but I think I might get PHNL since they updated it and put the old Aloha schedule in it.
  6. @Pedantic G Yep! Definitely happy about the gates!
  7. Yep you are speaking for yourself on this one. I held out on purchasing tower 2011 for tower 3d pro simply because of 3d graphics. If you want just 2d only, play tower 2011 because there you have 2d and better commands and better use of features that they decided to take away. If feelthere is going to charge us for a whole new game, then I am hoping that it will be better than tower 3d pro and tower 2011. Because there would've been no point for this thread and there would be no point to purchase something later down the line.
  8. As Gary states, he updated the pack just so he wouldn't have to re update it again when the Retro RC came out since it will probably come out soon.
  9. Can you please provide the inform you got that says EGLL is the next airport to be released? I've heard others talk about it being planned in the works but not worked on and planned to be next.
  10. Ehh that shouldn't necessarily be your issue since you're only installing the Real color pack. The name of the Real color pack isn't connected in the same sense to real traffic. Updating real traffic is definitely required but it shouldn't change the name in similar terms as to what you are talking about.
  11. There is an excel downloadable list that @Pedantic G so graciously made and updates for the community each time a RC is released that shows all airlines associated with each airport. You might want to try starting there.
  12. Yeah Eligrim does a great job detailing the different airlines that he shows. He doesn't show all of them but does show a majority of them. Great Job! Can't wait for it's release!
  13. Definitely getting a lot more added to the group like you said which is awesome!
  14. TP gaming posted all the airports that are being considered or that would be coming out in the near possible future in his video description. Not gonna say anything to ruin it but I would check there to get the list! Here is one of the videos that he posted it on. Edit: here is the correct video:
  15. Also too FedEx feeder is in the RC pack for RDU as ATF C2 Empire. (Just from memory tho so dont quote me specifically) but the feeders could've been used there is a connection with Empire Cargo Services. Edit: Apologies that is mountain air cargo that has C2 and is a FedEx feeder. Just checked the master list. Disregard my previous note 😊
  16. I found an error in the schedule where one of the arrivals is listed with LIH and is suppose to be listed as HNL. This can cause an issue: OGG, LIH, SHF, R9, 14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9 Change it to this: OGG, HNL, SHF, R9, 14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9
  17. Possibly similar result with EDDS. It's a shame that even some beautiful airports miss stuff. Hopefully a fix in the future possibly
  18. Something that you learn quickly is that attention to detail outside the airport radius is very minimal. Perfect example is the Las Vegas Strip. Most hotels are all tall grey buildings but detail in airport is good. My reaction is that from the first airport they released has gotten a lot better over time and have added in a lot more things to interact with within airport ops.
  19. I have not purchased PHNL yet but was about to when I noticed in some of the pictures on @FeelThere's website that the interisland terminal doesn't seem to appear to have any gate jetway bridges. Can anyone confirm why they appear to be taken out as recent PHNL Google images show jet bridges still intact at that terminal. Is this just a glitch that will be fixed? Or maybe an incorrect picture? I'll post the feelthere picture as well as Google images
  20. Will we get to know which ones weren't able to get in?
  21. I'm not sure. I was just posting from what I saw
  22. FeelThere released photos of what looks to be PHNL on their Facebook feed back at the end of April. So it looks like they are making good headwind on it.
  23. I have the steam version as well @Nolan Sanders. No, you need to purchase the real color packs for the airports not the airports themselves to obtain liveries as well as the real traffic package. You can only purchase airports from Steam. Steam does not sell real traffic or real color packages. You can access the Feel There web page via here: https://www.feelthere.com/ Once again... You need; Real Traffic and any of the Real Color Airport Packages to obtain the liveries for airlines in those packages. (Hence why I suggested Gary's list for liveries so you can see which airports you want to purchase to obtain certain liveries. You can get the list via here: Once purchased, Feelthere will email you the download links for the installer as well as the registration key, click the link, run the installer. (Make sure you install as Admin) The installer will present you with a list of options for installation. Make sure you click the steam version (for me, it says Tower 3D Pro Steam Version), that will automatically install the correct path to your steam game folder. Make sure you install the real color packages first, then the real traffic to finalize the download. (Every time you update an airport or real color package, you always need to re install the real traffic package or else you will see white planes instead of your purchased liveries!). Reach out if you need anymore assistance. 🙂
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