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  1. Also too FedEx feeder is in the RC pack for RDU as ATF C2 Empire. (Just from memory tho so dont quote me specifically) but the feeders could've been used there is a connection with Empire Cargo Services. Edit: Apologies that is mountain air cargo that has C2 and is a FedEx feeder. Just checked the master list. Disregard my previous note 😊
  2. I found an error in the schedule where one of the arrivals is listed with LIH and is suppose to be listed as HNL. This can cause an issue: OGG, LIH, SHF, R9, 14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9 Change it to this: OGG, HNL, SHF, R9, 14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9
  3. Possibly similar result with EDDS. It's a shame that even some beautiful airports miss stuff. Hopefully a fix in the future possibly
  4. Something that you learn quickly is that attention to detail outside the airport radius is very minimal. Perfect example is the Las Vegas Strip. Most hotels are all tall grey buildings but detail in airport is good. My reaction is that from the first airport they released has gotten a lot better over time and have added in a lot more things to interact with within airport ops.
  5. I have not purchased PHNL yet but was about to when I noticed in some of the pictures on @FeelThere's website that the interisland terminal doesn't seem to appear to have any gate jetway bridges. Can anyone confirm why they appear to be taken out as recent PHNL Google images show jet bridges still intact at that terminal. Is this just a glitch that will be fixed? Or maybe an incorrect picture? I'll post the feelthere picture as well as Google images
  6. Will we get to know which ones weren't able to get in?
  7. I'm not sure. I was just posting from what I saw
  8. FeelThere released photos of what looks to be PHNL on their Facebook feed back at the end of April. So it looks like they are making good headwind on it.
  9. I have the steam version as well @Nolan Sanders. No, you need to purchase the real color packs for the airports not the airports themselves to obtain liveries as well as the real traffic package. You can only purchase airports from Steam. Steam does not sell real traffic or real color packages. You can access the Feel There web page via here: https://www.feelthere.com/ Once again... You need; Real Traffic and any of the Real Color Airport Packages to obtain the liveries for airlines in those packages. (Hence why I suggested Gary's list for liveries so you can see which airports you want to purchase to obtain certain liveries. You can get the list via here: Once purchased, Feelthere will email you the download links for the installer as well as the registration key, click the link, run the installer. (Make sure you install as Admin) The installer will present you with a list of options for installation. Make sure you click the steam version (for me, it says Tower 3D Pro Steam Version), that will automatically install the correct path to your steam game folder. Make sure you install the real color packages first, then the real traffic to finalize the download. (Every time you update an airport or real color package, you always need to re install the real traffic package or else you will see white planes instead of your purchased liveries!). Reach out if you need anymore assistance. 🙂
  10. This post isn't a suggestion post but just to agree that I like the reduced cost aspect of it for returning users as it would burn another hole in my pocket to purchase the new version and some of the more popular airports all over again. I don't think FT would make the game free for anyone as that wouldn't be cost effective for them. But for those that had a returning register key for any of the previous DLCs would then get a discounted price, that's something I would consider purchasing. However, if I had to pay at full price for everything all over again, then I would want new airports and most of the things that have been suggested in previous posts which I can see that they are implementing. For me, at least, it's all about customizing the airports and gates (Not just editing the terminal files). That's something that they took out for Tower 3D Pro that I would like to see back in TowerX. The updates do look very promising Vic! 🙂
  11. You have to purchase real color of the airport you have purchased to see those liveries at that particular airport as well as real traffic to see the real schedules at those airports. The nice thing is that you only have to purchase real traffic once. Unfortunately you have to purchase each real color for each airport you control at. A trick I have done is that I look at the liveries excel chart that @Pedantic G (Gary) has created kindly to see which airports have which liveries. It's a great tool to have and that he keeps updated for the community. For certain US Airports most liveries (e.g.. southwest, delta, United, AA, etc..) are available for almost all airports and so not every US real color product is required in order to load them for playing. You can find the real traffic and real color products for purchase on the feelthere website or on steam if you have the steam version as well. Hope that helps! Ashton
  12. They might still come back once countries lift their regulations on flight travel. It might take a while but once things normalize back I'm sure they might take to the skies again.
  13. Hi Ben! Thanks for the update! I've been curious about the progression of the Retro RC pack and glad that it's being worked on! I was about to ask if it was due to some of the model or livery requests that made the errors but I assume you might not know that haha
  14. One small thing to consider is the point system. Right now the points in game don't seem to matter at least for me. I have thousands of points saved up for no purpose. You should either get rid of the point system all together for the next version or do something in which you can use your points to unlock liveries or levels depending upon skill level or completion of that particular airport.
  15. I not a huge fan either, if ND or FT could use the same code but some how differentiate between passenger or cargo for terminal parking then it would be easier to organize everything. It might not be the main reason why they chose to have fake ICAO codes for cargo. But one reason why I think they chose to go that route was so that Cargo planes wouldn't access terminal gates. For example, Turkish airlines is THY. The in game Turkish cargo livery also uses THY. However, when using the THY for terminal parking purposes, you aren't able to then use the cargo livery if you wanted to because the cargo livery would then gate at the terminal instead of the cargo hold. It gets very messy as is and a fix is needed but at least I can park cargo where they need to be.
  16. It would be really cool if you could use some of the default liveries within the real color schemes as livery options instead of only seeing white plans foe certain schedules. Just a thought!
  17. If you're basing the opinion off the most international traffic of the selected airports then I would say LEBL has a good mix of constant international traffic. At least I thought so.
  18. You can always add a simple GA departure before the arrival you want to see come in to get around those issues. I know it's not what you want to hear. But a possible outcome until something changes if it does change.
  19. Oh of course! I know Gabor is a busy guy with upcoming projects. Honolulu and aloha sparked my interest. Glad to see it wasn't forgotten about!
  20. I'm sure with everything that has been going on this thread has probably been put on the back burner. But with the recent update from @FeelThere about the new Honolulu airport in the works. I remembered about the Aloha 737 getting selected and thought it would be a cool airline to see once PHNL gets released. Any news on when the retro list will get released?
  21. Definitely interested in the Honolulu Airport. Been waiting for the return of USA airports!
  22. Just tried it out and worked like a charm! Can't wait for other airports to be released for schedule creations! The only suggestion I'd say, and it's definitely not a must have, but once the schedule is created, to have it organize it from start time to end time Example: PHL, STT, 752, AA, 2521, 07:09, 12:00, 1, AA STX, STT, CNT, 9K, 8164, 07:27, 12:00, 1, 9K SJU, STT, E90, B6, 1362, 07:43, 12:00, 1, B6 Instead of mixed up: MCO, STT, 319, NK, 262, 08:25, 12:00, 1, NK SJU, STT, E90, B6, 1362, 07:43, 12:00, 1, B6 MIA, STT, 752, AA, 1947, 08:57, 12:00, 1, AA SJU, STT, 320, B6, 1430, 09:25, 12:00, 1, B6 It's just easier to look up the schedule once playing.
  23. Played it and loved it! Honestly can't wait to play this schedule with the updated BCN liveries hopefully coming soon!
  24. Ehh I'd have to disagree with that mainly because even though I enjoy seeing Heavys fly in, most airports in game can't handle only heavys so to have a mixture of both various aircraft sizes helps fill gates to see a variety. Plus, if you had that vote in the poll and only one aircraft type was nominated, you might get fewer people voting. Having a variety allowed more people to vote whether we liked the results at the end or not.
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