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  1. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+create+a+graph+in+google+sheets&s=g
  2. Best to inform me via the discord server or PM me on the forums as I don't always spot them due to my inactivity.
  3. Would you like us to add this to the main Custom Schedule's list @Swatx?
  4. Also are there only 4 files in your "...Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KMEM" folder? There should be the following: kmem_airlines.txt kmem_airplanes.txt kmem_airports.txt kmem_gaandlocaltraffic.txt kmem_schedule.txt kmem_terminal.txt AND the airport files: kmem_airfield kmem_airfield.manifest kmem_databases kmem_databases.manifest kmem_menu kmem_menu.manifest If those are missing, your KMEM did not install properly.
  5. OK, will have to see what Ben says regarding his airlines file. I'm too busy atm to look at it myself. Wait for a reply from Hexzed :)
  6. When installing the custom schedule, did you overwrite all files? Specifically; “kmem_airlines.txt” and the “kmem_terminal.txt”? These would / should have been installed to ""Tower 3D\Extensions\Airfields\KMEM".
  7. @hexzed, did you include the following airport in the airport file? There are also a ton of runway cross errors: But I think that is more airport errors than the custom schedule.
  8. Oh yeah, reinstalling the custom files afterwards might help. Thanks crbascott; completely not with it today.
  9. Check you have the latest version of Real Traffic installed.
  10. Could we possibly add a DEMO version? So users can try it out prior to putting in a whole load of their hard earned cash?
  11. I like what I am hearing so far Vic. Will we "potential" users be able to create our own texture kits? i.e. Paint Skins
  12. Absolutely agree. If base game support isn't continued throughout DLC releases; then I have no intention on wasting my money on the next version and will move onto VATSIM.
  13. I've updated the instructions on the main thread so that they are more clear on what a custom schedule developer should be doing in order to help users of their schedule (and me) keep their sanity. Please refer to them in your free time 🙂 i.e. @ATC AlaskaGuy, read this thread.
  14. What did I say a few posts ago on this thread? I also sent a PM regarding this.
  15. Added to the main list. No plans on purchasing this airport for obvious reasons but I am sure the quality of this schedule will be on par with your others. Keep up the great work @battlehawk77 🙂 ps: Thank you for following proper Custom Schedule procedures.
  16. Can we please keep this thread to only having updates to the custom schedule's list. You should really create a new forum thread, if using the search feature does not provide any helpful threads to your own query. @ATC AlaskaGuy, please in the future send me a Private message with regards to new schedules; as instructed to on the main thread. Please do not cause me to repeat this again. Thank you kindly.
  17. Mind if I add this to the main custom schedule list?
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