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  1. FSUIPC can't help you with this. For USB sleep problems, its generally a matter of configuring the power management settings for USB hub. However, it seems to be your wireless device itself that is going to sleep (to save battery), so I don't think there is much you can do, apart from maybe contact Logitech support to see if there is a way to turn off (or extend the time of) this 'feature' of your device. John
  2. Hi Roman, thanks for that - thats very interesting! As Bob is using a rotary switch, and its sending both a release (for previous position) and a press (for the current position), I thought he could add the MAGNETO*_OFF controls to the button release, but it looks like the release/press order is not consistent, i.e. it generates a release then press going clockwise, but a press then release going anticlockwise (for your Magneto1 only?!!). Therefore I think your solution of having multiple controls (i.e. sending an 'OFF'' first) is the thing to try. So Bob, following Roman's advi
  3. Hi Bruce, I've no idea what 'Sync Pos' is, so can't help you with that. What aircraft are you using? Some add-ons, such as those by PMDG, don't work very well with FSUIPC calibration and you should send as FS command if you are using those. Also check that you have controllers disabled in P3D if you are assigning your axis in FSUIPC. Cheers, John
  4. Before my time I'm afraid, but I guess it has to have a limit and 9 was a reasonable limit to have when this was added many years ago.
  5. Hi Bob, I'll take a look a bit later. One thing though, you seem to be using an add-on aircraft thats generating lots of PANEL_LIGHTS_OFF events. These are just noise in the log really, so you may want to add DontLogThese=66057 to the [General] section of your FSUIPC5.ini file (I'll remove them manually from the above). Cheers, John
  6. Hi, all your assignments and controls are stored in your FSUIPC5.ini file (in your modules folder). Take a look at that file. The format of the entries is described in the FSUIPC5 manuals. Comments are added automatically so that you can see what your assignments are. If you are using the 'profiles in separate files' feature, then you will also have an ini file for each profile. If you are going to edit it, make sure you take a copy/backup first. Cheers, John
  7. Yes it is a limitation, only 1-9, as indicated by the document: RunReady1=, RunReady2=, ... RunReady9=: These are identical to the RUN options above, except they are not actioned until WideClient is actually connected to WideServer. John
  8. So you re-enabled controllers in FSX for this? Make sure controllers are disabled in FSX if you are assigning your axis in FSUIPC. To use the full functionality of these, you should look into using the SPAD (freeware - http://fstools.weebly.com/) or SPAD.next (payware - https://www.spadnext.com/home.html) drivers. I use the latter (with FSUIPC) and it works very well. Cheers, John
  9. Hi Matthias, It will rescan your devices. Does it also start working when you click the switch in the VC after opening/closing FSUIPC? It does sound like an issue with your add-on LJ35. You could try logging non-axis events and button presses (from the FSUIPC logging tab). This may show if something different is being sent after the spoiler retract. Cheers, John
  10. The controls are events provided by P3D, so you need to look into the P3D documentation (e.g. see 'SimConnect Name' column in https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/references/variables/event_ids.html). The specific controls added by FSUIPC are documented in FSUIPC' documentation. For your magneto problem, can you try activating non-axis event logging as well as buttons and switches (from FSUIPC's logging tab), generate a log file going through the magneto positions up and down and show us the results. John
  11. Hi Urs, your WideClient.ini file is not correct. There is no [Programs] section - thats for FSUIPC (or WideServer)! As Pete said, you want to be using RunReady, which takes the form RunReady1=.... and is located in the [User] section of your WideClient.ini (or the [WideServer] section in FSX). Please see the WideFS Technical guide. John
  12. As Thomas says, please show.attach your ini file. Can you also activate button logging, as well as non-axis events, and attach your log file. Thanks, John
  13. Hi CrazzMC, Are you sure its not just the Airline? If the state of the AI aircraft is 'Initialising' (128) or 'Sleeping' (129), then you will get just the 'Airline'. Note that you can also change the ATC id used using the TCASid parameter, which can be changed from FSUIPC's Miscellaneous tab - see the Advanced User Guide (p5). You can also try the attached lua script which will log all 96 ground/air slots for you - drop it into your modules folder and assign it to a key or button press. This gives output such as the following: John logAI.lua
  14. That key works here - you must be entering it incorrectly. I've send you an email with a key file to try (and instructions).
  15. Hi Buzz, No, its not - or shouldn't be! Can you PM me you SimMarket purchase email (with your provided key) and I'll check it. John
  16. You could also try ignoring that button by adding IgnoreThese=1.7 to your [Buttons] sections of your ini file.
  17. If you have a new issue, could you please start a new thread - your problem does not seem to be related to this threads title! More information is also needed - what version of FSUIPC are you using? What sim? How did you install on another computer - if you just copied across your ini file, this most likely won't work as your joystick ids (and GUIDs) will have changed. Please start a new thread with the above information, and also attached your ini, log and joyscan.csv files (all from your Modules folder). John
  18. Thats very strange...I don't think its possible to have two copies of FSUIPC running... Maybe check (or post) your DLL.XML file (in your AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar 3D vd folder) to make sure there is only one entry for FSUIPC5. Thats strange - it should be 5.152. I'll check and update - thanks for pointing this out. You can always get the latest versions from our download page over here on simflight: This all sounds very strange, especially if you have new issues and nothing has changed... Try removing FSUIPC completely and check P3D is working ok.
  19. Hi Detlef, no problem. Looks like a nice piece of kit - lots to program to get that all connected - good luck! Cheers, John
  20. Again, I have no idea what this means, sorry.... Does it matter? Make a backup of your registry and you can always revert back to it later if it causes issues. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what support you require. Please follow the instructions. If that doesn't work, then post the results here and we'll try to help. John P.S. You are hijacking a FAQ thread. If you have any issues, can you please start a new thread in the support forum (not the FAQ). If the support request requires a different solution to that posted in this FAQ entry, then I will update acc
  21. Hi Detlef, the second lua script does not end as you have an infinite loop, so the timer is never called. Try this instead: ipc.display("Timer event test") gCount = 10 ----------------------------------------------------- function MyTimer() gCount = gCount-1 ipc.display(gCount) end ------------------------- init ------------------------ event.timer(100, "MyTimer") Ok, then you don't need to auto-start. So, after starting a script with the 'L' key, you then wait for an 'L' key event? Sounds a strange thing to do, but ok if thats what you want.... The
  22. So you haven't tried the fix mentioned? Sorry, I don't know what this means... John
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