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  1. This is outlined in the manual's introduction flight.
  2. Have you turned off your computers WiFi?
  3. See - In the manual not MCDU. Set preferences using the configuration utility (be sure to run utility as admin).
  4. Log shows, from my understanding and a bit of using Google, repeating errors coming from your video card (GPU). Try reducing graphics settings.
  5. This means either you are entering the incorrect registration key or the key you received is incorrect. First copy the key from the confirmation email (<CTRL><C>) and then launch the installer. The key should appear in the registration fields (if not paste the code <CTRL><V>) If the key continues not to work contact feelThere using zendesk - feelthere.zendesk.com
  6. Refresh rate can be adjusted using the configuration utility.
  7. You need to contact Navigraph as it seems their installer isn't working.
  8. Try running the Navigraph installer utility as administrator. On the product pages - https://feelthere.com/shop/airplanes/embraer-e-jets-e170-and-e190-v3/ https://feelthere.com/shop/airplanes/embraer-e-jets-e175-and-e195-v3/
  9. Without knowing the following hard to answer - * FS version? * Pressure altitude? * Which plane(s)? Just the 145? Not the XRJ? * Temperature? Are you pushing the throttle full forward for take off? Are you in the correct thrust setting for the stage of flight? Have you calibrated the throttle axis? What throttle quadrant are you using?
  10. contact feelThere using this form - feelthere.zendesk.com
  11. If anything is available most likely place to find is by searching AVSIM's library.
  12. contact feelThere using this form - feelthere.zendesk.com
  13. I'm assuming you mean you are locked out from getting the download. You need to contact feelThere using this form - feelthere.zendesk.com
  14. There is only one station in the simulation so changing payload (aka passengers, cargo and fuel) doesn't move the CG.
  15. The simulation doesn't change CG based in load.
  16. See - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/88242-fslabs-spotlights-profiles-to-provide-cockpit-lighting-in-the-ejet-at-night/?
  17. If the installer has 'user' anyplace in the filename you have SP3.
  18. You need to contact Dovetail Games and ask them about their update policies.
  19. You need to contact JustFlight about when they will be updating their servers.
  20. Did you run the airport installer as administrator? Did you update RealTraffic and run the installer as administrator?
  21. Did it work before? Are you running the game as administrator? Try turning off your computer's WiFi.
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