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  1. Hi Joao You did it ?? It doesn't work in the same way like FS9. I didnt't get it to work.
  2. Hi Uli In FsX 3102 and 3103 don't work usefull, insead of them use: 281C, 4 Byte, MasterBattery 2E80, 4 Byte, MasterAvionics 1=ON and 0=OFF They work very well in FsX.
  3. Hi Wolfgang Just use your old e-mail address for register, because the address is part of the hole registration key. The address is not important because FSUIPC doesn't read your real address.
  4. Hi Pete I'm trying to set a Offset Bit with Axis input. But no luck, the Offset I use 5616 is every time setting back to 0000. So it is not possible, but why ? See the picture what I did. After "OK" when I open again the Offset is #0000.
  5. Hi Gilles 564D .1 means Offset 564D Bit 1, Bits are from 0 to 7 5610 1 means Offset 5610 1 Byte length If you want to set 564D Bit 1 (564D .1) in FSUIPC with a Key use in "Key Presses" i.e. "Offset Byte Setbits" or "Offset Byte Clrbits" to set or reset a Bit. For Offset 5610 1Byte length you would need "Offset Byte Set" to set a value.
  6. Hi Norbert If you mean "Idle / Cutoff" you have to use the Mixture-Axis, that are the Fuelvalves.
  7. Hi, do you use latest FSUIPC (interim 3.619)? FSUIPC-3619.zip
  8. Hi, when I assigned on the first T8 the first switch, I can see in the FSUIPC-config in FS9 Modules-Folder: [buttons] 1=P109,0,C66059,0 2=U109,0,C66060,0 Do you have a entry like this vor your assigned switch in FSUIPC-config ?
  9. Hi, did you delete the same functions in FS, the most have keys on your keyboard and FSUIPC is doing nothing in this case.
  10. Hi Thomas, take a look to this: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=52883
  11. Hi Robert, this is the wrong place like Pete told. You have to write the special Offsets that FSConv is using to connect over FSUIPC to Level D in your Phidgets Variable-file. FSConv is the Bridge between your hardware - FSUIPC - Level D. FSConv is using some "Not used Offsets" for this bridge. So FSUIPC has nothing to do. It's on you to write this Offsets to your Phidgets Variable File.
  12. Hi, sounds like you didn't switch the Generator to ON. So the Battery is going to less and all Avionics switch OFF.
  13. Hi, just download the latest FSUIPC: http://forums.simflight.com/download.php?id=56758 overwrite the old one. I think your expansion pack installed a old version of FSUIPC.
  14. That's quite an astounding difference, much more than I could have reasonably expected. I am very pleased it all works so well for you. I've not actually done any numerical comparisons like you, only watching everything subjectively. Thanks! Pete Hi Pete, same to me. I think network stole FS Processor-Time, so it went to lower FS-Frames. FS is working faster now, not so much that it seems (much more FsFrames), but I can see the difference to before. The same happends too pmSoftware.
  15. Okay. That does seem to confirm that the system assumes UDP blocks are "dispensable", that if there's a clash the UDP block is lost and not re-sent. With TCP and SPX, if there's a timing clash anywhere I think the block is re-sent. The sender "cares" about the block getting there, but not with UDP. That is a good solution then, Do you notice if things are smoother, or about the same as with TCP or SPX? I think my PM gauges look smoother (so the block timing is better, less latency from the replies confirming receipt presumably), but it is very subjective. As with FS's own "smoothness", the frame rates are no measure for this -- WideServer regulates the frame rates to match FS in any case. The only time they will appear to exceed the FS rates is when the data from one frame needs to be split into more than one block to keep within protocol and buffer limits. Regards, Pete Hi Pete, Yes. I wrote down the PM-Frames, Datarates and FS-Frames (Read over PM "F" on all PC`s) before I made any changes (WideFS 6.51) and after installing the WideFS 6.596/8. With 6.51: Frames = 78-90 DataRate = 22-31 FS-Frames = 21-29 With WideFS 6.596/8: Frames = 80-92 DataRate = 40-44 FS-Frames = 34-44 This both test I made under the same conditions, saved situation on same Airport with same plane and weather, all the same . And I can reproduce it. When I fly the PFD/ND and PFD/ND (FO) are smoother, also the other PC`s. I made yesterday night a flight, more than 1 hour, and NO "block sequence errors" or anything else. In Log`s only the beginning with programstarts and when I closed the Ends, nothing more. Great, as ever. Thanks Pete
  16. Hi Thomas, I don't like the look of your logs with block sequence errors. Because UDP is not guaranteed, I suspect when there's a clash somewhere in the Network (hub, switch or router?) it simply loses the blocks, whereas TCP and SPX re-send. For some less critical display, like a map or some instrument readout without consequence, it may not matter much if the odd blocks are lost, but otherwise you might need to consider going back to TCP, or finding out why your Network is rather unreliable (at least for two clients -- AMD-HARDWARE and, really bad, AMD-FMC). Are you using a switch or hub? I think a hub is more likely to suffer from traffic clashes. I use switches all round and have no sequence errors with UDP on 10 clients. Regards Pete Hi Pete, I think the reason of "block sequence errors" is that I runpmGetWeather on the same PC where CDU is running with NetDir. Now I didn`t run pmGetWeather for one hour and all is OK. Then I run pmGetWeather on a other PC for 10 minutes or so and all is OK. All is running in the new UDP-mode. Four PC`s Win XP pro and two PC`s Win 2000 pro.
  17. Well, it is then very very strange that mailshots don't appear to work. I don't understand that. Could they be blocked somehow in your settings? :-( Pete Hi Pete, will try again, new logs from all 5 clients with WideClient 6598 and from WideServer.
  18. Hi Thomas, You shouldn't need to set the protocol explicitly on the XP clients. That merely makes the "ProtocolPreferred" setting in the Server redundant, and the clients then have no choice. I don't know about the Win2K ones -- does my Broadcast system work for those? i.e. do they connect okay without being told the ServerName or ServerIPaddr? Regards, Pete Hi Pete, here are the logs from: FS2004-PC (XP Pro) and 3 clients (2* Win 2000 Pro and 1* XP Pro)
  19. Hi Tom, I switch also to the new WideFS version 6.596 and all is working OK. I use UDP on FS2004-PC and on all 5 Clients. FS2004 / MCP = XP Pro SP2 PFD / ND + PFD / ND-F/O = Win 2000 Pro SP4 EICAS = XP Pro SP2 CDU = Win 2000 Pro SP4 Hardware = XP Pro SP2 Quickmap/SquawkBox/FSInn/ServInfo = XP Pro SP2 ********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 6.596] ********* Blocksize guide = 8192 (double allowed) Date (dmy): 17/04/06, Time 00:21:20.413: Server name is P4-FS-3200 104250 Initialising TCP/IP server 104250 Initialising IPX/SPX server 104250 IPX/SPX socket() failed [Error=10047] Address family not supported by protocol family 104250 Failed to start IPX/SPX Server 104250 Initialising UDP/IP server 104250 Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs 104250 Preferred protocol = UDP 104953 Connected to computer "AMD-FMC" running WideClient version 6.596 (IP= UDP 105984 Connected to computer "P4-PFD-3000" running WideClient version 6.596 (IP= UDP 106843 Connected to computer "AMD-HARDWARE" running WideClient version 6.596 (IP= UDP 144968 Connected to computer "P4-EICAS-2400" running WideClient version 6.596 (IP= UDP 144992 Connected to computer "AMD-Phidgets" running WideClient version 6.596 (IP= UDP and the clients are also clean. Did you set Server-Option to: ProtocolPreferred=UDP Did you set Client-Option to: Protocol=UDP Best Regards Thomas Richter
  20. Hi Fabrizio, first you should take a look into the "Buttons section of FS" that the button you are going to program in FSUIPC not is in use. If so, you have to delete the funktion in FS first, because FSUIPC don`t use used Buttons. Best Regards Thomas Richter
  21. Hi Pete, with full offset all is working well. Thanks a lot, I think I need bigger glasses to read, maybe then I will read all words and not only 2 of 3. :lol: Thanks and Best Regards Thomas EW321
  22. Sorry I lost one word, should be3 written! I know this offsets...
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