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I bought the Tower!3D PRO yeterday and I put the KSAN airport into the program.

When you look at the aircraft they sitting onthe deck and the tugs are under the ground.

I had a small plane taxing and all i could see was it's lights!

Has anyone had this problem with KSAN?


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I haven'nt got that far yet as I have been trying different things out,

I have just put in real traffic to see if they are sitting correctly but they are just the same as the default ones

I have yet to put colour on!

I would'nt mind but this was the PRO version  of  KSAN

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I saw something similar as well, but have not yet spent much time at KSAN.  At times, it did look kind of like that, as though the planes were dragging along the ground without landing gear, but they are so far away from the tower that it seemed hard to tell for sure.  LIke I said, I only looked at that airport for a few minutes.  I will try to have another look and see if I see it again, and maybe take some screenies.

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4 minutes ago, Avwriter said:

Also noticed that planes exiting the runway still block the parallel taxiway.  Its like they need to increase the distance between the runway and taxiway by another 10 feet.or so.

I think that is intentional.  The plane has to stop beyond the stop line when exiting the runway.  It makes for a more challenging experience.

Have you tried the command "HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY"

8 hours ago, AirborneCDS said:


Hey navyman, do the a/c land at KSAN as expected?  In other words to they land down the runway on 27 as in real life and not on the threshold?  Or haven't you gotten that far?


When landing at KSAN on 27, after you issue the "CLEARED TO LAND" command, issue the "EXIT AT TAXIWAY XXXX" command, such as B8 or B9 or B10.  But beware, you need at least 10nm between landing aircraft for a departure, especially if you send the plane down to B10.  The "RUNWAY XX LINE UP AND WAIT BEHIND NEXT LANDING AIRCRAFT" command comes in real handy.


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Correct me if I am wrong, and I know that you will, but I do believe that FeelThere is the developer for KJFK and KSAN and soon to be KATL.  Nyerges releases the Real Color and Real Traffic addons who are best contacted through their Facebook page or  info@nyergesdesign.com

As far as FeelThere goes, I gave Vic and the crew the weekend off to recuperate and celebrate, before they have to dig into any issues next week :)
Seriously, they do deserve a break, but I would imagine Vic will be lurking around here somewhere, sometime.

I am positive you are not being ignored. Besides, something like fixing the lights will require a service pack.


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