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Tower!3D Pro, San Diego KSAN airoplane at gate Terminal 1 accept pushback but dont start moving

Michael S

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Tower!3D Pro San Diego KSAN with real traffic and real color, have som bugs at gates with accepted pushback by pilot with command "SWA2483, PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 27" for Flight SWA2483 at terminal 1, the airplane don't start pushback move, time is around 07:00 at morning, and its empty of another airplanes around the flight SWA2483 so it should start moving push back. Only i can do is delete the airplane flight. I have sent in a bug report to email support Feelthere with attached files. And I have see at Youtube another players have same problem at same gate at Terminal 1 but with another ID flight number. I try with manual command with mouse and speech recognition and it be same result.

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On 2017-08-14 at 11:12 AM, FeelThere said:

Please post a screenshot of the gate as well as your log file.

I have sent all files again with screenshot jpg yesterday after support request in email, first time i zip them becouse log files was very big, but your system could not handle ZIP files

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The issue is that they have developed the airport terminal too small and the gates are so compact that when the 2 Southwest planes park next to each other they clip.  The only way to get around the aircraft that are stuck together is to wait until the SWA that came into the gate that is causing the clipping to push back on its next flight.  In my video it was a difference of about 40+ minutes between those 2 flights.  


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I had a similar experience NoleJP. I figured this is a well-known game issue so I didn't start a thread on it myself.

Anyway, PHL playing yesterday. Two American flights, one ARR, while on final, a DEP at gate on the end of the third terminal (backwards "L") pops up and asks for pushback. I happened to have the ARR flight selected and thought better of approving pushback due to collision on taxiway J. However, what ended up happening was once the ARR flight showed its gate and I knew it was next to the DEP, I figured I would let the ARR gate first, then let the DEP leave.

The ARR gates just fine, but the DEP, while accepting my VR pushback/27L approval, won't leave the gate. I noticed that even though clearance for pushback was given and acknowledged, the plane refused to leave the gate. I ended up deleting the DEP flight to take care of it.

A separate scenario at JFK- in the Terminal 1 and 2 "tin pan alley", I had a Korean Air with pushback approval; in the time it took it to start actually pushing, a China Southern flight popped up at Terminal 1 towards the taxiway end. Of course the Korean Air flight tow driver pushes the plane back into the China Southern flight and yours truly ends up with a -500 ground collision... think I cursed pretty good after that one!

I have to say that the majority of the time "faux pushback" is not an issue for me, just once in a while when the air gods deem it "necessary" for some reason.

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I had a Southwest flight push back at LAX the other day, and the tug was just pushing it in circles.  360 after 360, through all the airplanes and through the terminal, lol.  Go home, tug driver.  You're drunk!  

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This also happens in ATL at the far east terminal. The tow truck is just spinning 360° and the airplane never gets pushed. Until now I always deleted that airplane, but that always sucks. I want to feel as if it is a real flight with real people in it who want to go on their journey. Is there a fix for this?

I'm unable to upload a screenshot. I have a limit of 20 KB here which is just totally ridiculous. And posting a OneDrive-link gives an error.

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On 8/21/2017 at 5:48 AM, FeelThere said:



Sorry to repeat myself; without log and screenshot we can't look into any of these reports.






Here is a clip of when the arriving SWA3111 clips the SWA2854 that is sitting & waiting for push.  If you want to see it live how it happened, go to my YT channel -- ATControl EP#1 at ~28:25 into the video.  Thanks for taking a look.

NoleJP, Joe  


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NoleJP said: If you want to see it live how it happened, go to my YT channel -- ATControl EP#1 at ~28:25 into the video.  Thanks for taking a look.


Maybe I'm looking at the wrong NoleJP but all I see is COD clips on YouTube....



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