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KLAS Las Vegas Strategy tips needed (runway use)


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Hi all:

Just picked up Las Vegas along with Color today; so far I like it quite a bit... but I seem to be having difficulty in establishing a "proper" arrival runway and associated departure runway. Let me explain what I mean.

I have no idea what the RL airport does when it comes to how the flight arrivals and departures are organized, but I have tried the following with mixed success:

  1. 1R Arrivals with 7L for Departures. Worked OK until departing flights started insisting on turning NW/W or SW/S after takeoff and fouling the 1R approach. So, no go on that strategy.
  2. 19L Arrivals with 7L for Departures. Essentially the same result, flights veering into the path of arrivals, so another no go.
  3. 25R Arrivals with 19L for Departures. This worked OK for a bit, but again became unworkable in about the same amount of time elapsed.

The odd similarities in each of the three scenarios made me suspicious that perhaps KLAS must be run with heavy use of departure heading and/or altitude adjustments. I am rather unfamiliar with them as all the other airports (other than KSAN which I don't own) really don't seem to need the additional directions to keep traffic out of each other's way. Maybe I need to use the same side in parallel  (1L/1R, or 7L/7R) for arrivals and departures?

Can any of you guys answer the question about why this is happening so regularly and either confirm or deny my suspicions? I would also like to hear your personal recommendations on KLAS runway assignments and strategies that have worked (or not) for you so far.



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I personally have been playing with 1L and 25L for arrivals and 25R for departures with 1R@B occasionally for planes closer to that side of the airport.  1R doesn't get much use, but occasionally I'll throw it a bone.... er... departure.

My preferred method apparently is not used at all in Real Life per crbascott's link.  

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I, basically, use real world runway configs as noted.  However, when slow I may bring an arrival in on 25R (or 19L although the 19's get used infrequently).  I've noticed that sometimes the arrivals may come in too close so I assign one the different parallel for spacing.  This shouldn't be a problem but the a/c tend to slow down too much after landing and are unable to keep a more realistic rollout so the one on short final may have to be given a go-around.  I dislike doing this--but......

Using the parallels seems to work really well--as in RL.  


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Thanks so much for the input everyone, it helps!

Another thing I was working on implementing is letting departures get a bit further out on the radar before giving them Contact Departure. They seem to fly a tangent until you do, so it helps some with separation and crossover issues.

I find it part of the fun of Tower!3D Pro that you can/need to experiment with different traffic patterns at each airport. For instance, one of my favorites to play is Philadelphia using 27R and 26 for Arrivals and 27L and 35 for Departures. I direct most of the smaller planes up to 320/737 types (not all will allow it) that are terminals C, D, E and F to use 35, larger planes and A thru C are sent to 27L. 

For Arrivals, 27R for all except the small turboprop DH, etc. types which I bring in on 26. My only beef with this setup is flights landing on 26 refuse to vacate anywhere but D taxiway on the left-hand side. I need to start a log and send in a report to Vic a some point.

Thanks again.

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21 hours ago, AC Rogue said:

I have been able to have small planes exit RWY 26 and turn right onto D at PHL

use the command below once you clear them to land



Cool AC. I had tried using the "A" taxiways to the right with no success. I will give it a try today.

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