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After having the classic problem of completely empty airports after a couple of hours, I did some digging in the schedule files... I'm a little confused. This is with Real Traffic and Real Color installed.

With LAX used as an example, none of the flights seem to actually match anything in the schedule file...

I'll start the game up at 7am and give an example:-

[What actually happens]

0646 CPZ5998 to KSAT to depart

0646 QFA98 from YMML to arrive

0646 UAL784 from KPHX to arrive

0648 QFA11 from YSSY to arrive

0649 CPZ5691 to CYVR to depart

0651 SKW5505 from KFTA to arrive

A busy 5 minutes... but then this is what the schedule file says...

0646 CPZ5998 to KSAT to depart [correct]

0647 SW3558 from KSMF to arrive

0648 SW3586 from KMCI to arrive

0649 CPZ5961 to KYVR to depart [correct]

0652 SW130 from KABQ to arrive

Searching the file, there's actually no mention of a single Qantus flight in the whole thing, and United and Skywest don't have those flight numbers... so where's it pulling them from?

This obviously doesn't solve the problem about the airport going completely empty after the first couple of hours, and I'm happy to sit and play with the schedules (once I understand how they work!), but this is based on the schedule file that was installed directly with the Real Traffic dlc...

Any ideas?

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