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Can not download update


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Hello everybody

I read that there is an update for the KJFK at the Real Fuges unfortunately I can not even download them.
Unfortunately the username and the password are in the email but it does not work.
Where can I get the update for Real Color now?



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12 hours ago, hexzed said:

You have to contact the original supplier on your email, they will give you an updated link and registration code 🙂

Hexzed tried the last conversation with you but hir does not answer. Until I then on it comb after three write an automatic answer or the recipient is not reached.

10 hours ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

@Michi10 where did you buy your DLC? 

I bought the DLC EDDS on Steam and the real ones on this website: https://www.feelthere.com/shop/air-traffic-control/real-color-kjfk-for-tower3d/

Then I got two emails with the download link and Product ID with the password dennn I give it right but it always comes this message. See image:


These are with all Protucten what I bought. But not even a single feedback from this company.

But now I'm quite sad because all the others have the update but I do not even get one on EDDM because it worked But what has been bought before is not a single since I have written to those synonymous again no answer or if I would have indicated the wrong. How should that go if I have entered everything exactly.

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All transactions from the Feel There website are handled by BT Micro.  You need to contact BT Micro (orders@bmtmicro.com) and include your name and The invoice number of your order.  They usually respond within 1 business day.  It is a good idea to keep a copy of all your receipts for this game.

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@FeelThere Ariel, @hexzed, @VenturaGuy101 I would really like to thank you for the tip.👍👌
I got 37 emails today with all update what's needed Necessary even all Realenfraben I got wow there I was but really flat.😮

I used both e-mail addresses and after waiting for a few hours I got an answer because I can only say hello.
Even a link where I can write the next time Respect to the BMT Micro. There is also a big compliment to the company.

Thank You Topic can be closed.




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