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Expected level of traffic at KPHL with default install


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Depends on the airport but the default game never really pushed things too far.  You can look at the schedules in the airports directory and see how many come each hour.

If you want it to get more challenging the real traffic mod and custom schedules here on the forums really change things up.

Real color is optional if you want the planes to look proper vs plane white.  But most airports will share the big / common airlines in the same country so you can get away with one or two real colors and some white planes elsewhere. 

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The default Real Traffic schedule traffic volumes can be found here:

Tower3D Default Schedules (Real Traffic) - Album on Imgur

I would HIGHLY recommend installing one of the many Custom Schedule's found here:

Computer Help Blog: Tower 3D (inc. Pro) Custom Schedule's list :)


ICAO / Start Time / Finish Time  (24 hour clock) / Day (if applicable)

EDDM (hexzed) - 0900-1300

KBOS (jonas) = 0800-1000

KJFK (crbascott weekly) = 1500-1700 mon

KLAS (crbascott weekly) = 1200-1400 mon

KLAX (crbascott weekly) = 0800-1000 tue

KLGA (hexzed) = 0800-1200

KMCO (battlehawk weekly) = 1500-1900 sat

KPHL (scoutyu) = 1500 onwards

KPHX (crbascott weekly) = 1700-1900 mon

KSAN (hexzed) = 1800-0000

KSFO (scoutyu) = Full day schedule - busier onwards from 0900 or 1100
- hard airport to do proper runway config (28's for arrivals and 1's for departures) #blame game bugs

LEBL (battlehawk weekly) = 1100-1500 mon

TIST (hexzed) = 1400-1900


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5 hours ago, blacklabelbraai said:

That is flat out insane!!!!

I don't think my heart could take it!

If you're brand new it can seem a little hectic.  But its not too bad.  Do it a few times and things will be smoother.  Also you don't have to get fancy with lengthy commands and adjustments for routing etc.  Start simple and grow from there :) Also if you watch any of my vids you see I am far from great at this lol. 

TIST is fun because of one runway making things difficult but I love a well laid out airport with tons of traffic.  I believe I have played both of the TIST schedules but cant recall the other one, Hexzed's I played a few times recently and it was good fun!

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@blacklabelbraai don't be afraid of hexzed's schedule. It is a really good one and you'll get used to it.



If you prefer a slightly easier approach, try my schedule. Here you only have to deal with 10 different airlines and some GA traffic. 1200h should be a pleasant entry point. Basically, I've created the schedule for myself to get used to the game, without being over- or underchallenged in the early stages.



Maybe my little reference card will help, too.



More detailed is rameus' PDF, as a much more usable manual than the original one.


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