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Snippets made easy!

On the Schedule Information Tool website you will now find the MAKE SNIPPET button after uploading a schedule.

With this you can quickly create and download a 2 to 5 hour snippet from the uploaded schedule.



Furthermore, I would like to inform you that the tools resp. websites will be unavailable for several hours on November 8th, due to a transfer of the domain. The downtime can be up to 3 weeks in the worst case.
I hope you bear with this situation.

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Server move resp. domain transfer starts in 15 minutes!

This means, in a short time the tool websites will be temporarily unavailable.
I am trying to keep the downtime as short as possible.
For the Schedule Creator the deletion of unused accounts comes into effect as well. That means, all accounts will be deleted, where no login was registered within the last 109 days. Active accounts (login within the last 109 days) will be fully transferred.

Please note that after the move, for a certain period of time, but not more than 3 weeks, there may be functional limitations and partially incorrect display of the websites. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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To fill my database with the new information and also for testing, I need the new RC pack. I don't intend to buy it and therefore can't add it to the Schedule Creator.

EDIT: Please keep in mind that my little projects are not supported by the game dev. FeelThere will not provide me with any files or information. It could well be different for Nyergesdesign, as they have been kindly provide me with needed information in the past, but I won't ask for the new RC pack.

EDIT2: I'll try to work something out after Christmas.

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Seconded the comments above, the work done on this tool by Eli is fantastic. It is like playing another game when you run it for airports like KLAX. Whole parts of the airport that are never used at all in either the base game or Real Traffic suddenly have aircraft not to mention fixes to so many terminal assignments. 

Very much appreciated. 

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I plan to create some tools/websites for Tower! Simulator 3. Among them there should be a T!3D to T!S3 Schedule Converter.
The tools will be launched bit by bit. Which ones, how many and when this will be, I can't say, because my spare time is very limited.

Since the devs have basically declared this forum dead, there will be no further announcements from me here. Once a tool is done, it will be available on https://www.eligrim.de/.

Happy controlling!

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The tools are very helpful and the game is also nice. But why will the tools go offline in 2024? Is any alternative or replacement planned? Since i play Tower 3D Pro daily and it would be nice if there would be an alternative like a dowloadable application or something to continue on costom shedules etc idk. Maybe everything is yust gone forever....

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An alternative or replacement is not planned from my side. It's time for me to move on and leave the Tower! games behind.

Apart from the annoying spam, that I receive daily and which is slowly getting out of hand, I simply lack the time and motivation to maintain the sites properly. My current job doesn't leave much room for such hobby projects and since I don't play Tower!3D Pro or Tower!Simulator 3 anymore, I have decided to invest my valuable free time in other projects.
I hope that everyone who visited my websites during the last 4 years enjoyed them and got some hours of gaming fun.

I wish you all a fantastic year and hopefully many more to come.

Game on and happy controlling,

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